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Ruger LCP repair needed.

This is a discussion on Ruger LCP repair needed. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Kel Tec doesn't have any patents on any of that gun... none at all... Because the actual designer wasn't even them... So there are no ...

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Thread: Ruger LCP repair needed.

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    Kel Tec doesn't have any patents on any of that gun... none at all... Because the actual designer wasn't even them... So there are no patent infringements to enforce here. They don't own them nor does Ruger either.

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    I am a Ruger fan and was excited to purchase a LCP. Had some issues and after a lot of trial and error, sold it back to my good friend (FFL) and got a Kahr PM9. Its a bit larger and heavier but its a real gun. IMO the LCP in .380 just can not stand up to the caliber with a such small frame and lots of very small plastic parts. Maybe this can be said for other offerings also (KT) and some have had no issues to date with thier guns but there have been far to many problems reported to feel comfortable carring one of these IMO. After Ruger works out the bugs we shall see.
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    I have had my LCP for awhile now, and have no issues with it. It has been flawless. I have not heard anyone else having a issue on any site that I visit. As for the Law Suit, this is the first I heard. I think it is BS. Keltec is just PO at Ruger because they made a better 380. IMO

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    We are hearing about people that have put there LCP to the test and are having problems. They send them back to Ruger and get them corrected. This is good but, you would not believe how many people are carrying the LCP's and other small semi autos without test firing. I have asked a number of people,( I work at a shop) How dose that gun shoot or handle or what Ammo dose it like? A growing number of people have told me they hadn't shot it yet. I have met people that bought Rourbughs, Khars, ETC. and they haven't had enough rounds threw the gun to break them in. And the one that totally blows me away is, the guy carrying a Para Hog 9mm. He told me he thinks the mag is bad because it feeds when it wants to. I asked why he doesn't buy a new mag? He said he didn't like the new mags. He has sent the gun back 3 times and it is still not right. He still carries it that way. I just don't get these people.

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    So far this was the only flaw with mine, other then this one issue it has worked fine. I do agree I find it funny how many people purchase a pistol and never even try it out to break it in or even get a feel for it. How do you expect to handle it when your life might depend on it if you've never even fired it? Idiots!
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