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Glock, XD, or S&W M&P?

This is a discussion on Glock, XD, or S&W M&P? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Don't forget the Glock 36. 1911 size but in a Glock package. No rust and easy to maintain. Having said that, here is a run ...

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Thread: Glock, XD, or S&W M&P?

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    Don't forget the Glock 36. 1911 size but in a Glock package. No rust and easy to maintain.

    Having said that, here is a run down of my designated carry guns...

    Glock 36 - primary daily carry local area
    Glock 19 - supplemental carry in preplanned high risk areas / long trips
    Glock 27 - deep concealment gun
    Kimber Ultra Carry II - supplemental daily carry local area

    I am a Glock / 1911 guy and can cross platforms without a hitch. All mine are more than proven for reliability. I won't carry one that belches.

    XD and Smith are good but Glocks do it better.

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    I can only speak to the M&P in 40. It is a very comfortable gun to shoot and it is very pointable. I don't care for the Glocks grip because I do not feel as though I get a good handle on the weapon. I think it is too big for myself to comfortably carry but if you can pull it off why not.
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    I carry a Glock 21 45 ACP which is my favorite pistol, love it! Lately since its been hot out and don't wear as much clothing had to carry my Pocket pistol, Ruger LCP, but think I am going to get a Glock 30(sub compact) for carrying. It took me a long time to warm up to the "plastic" as some people called it gun, now that I have one, I wish I didn't wait so long to get it! Can't go wrong with being a Glock-a-holic! LOL
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    I have two EDC' Kimber Ultra CDP II, a great little carry gun. It is with me almost all the time.

    Then we have my Harley ECD...a Glock-36.

    Either weapon would make you a proud owner.

    Stay armed...Ultra CDP or the G-36...stay safe!
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    I've shot all three (not a lot, but enough to know what I like and don't like)... The Glocks all have a weird grip angle (at least for this 1911 shooter they do) and I could never get a comfortable grip on them and never could shoot them very well. The XD felt a lot like a thicker, plastic 1911 (as far as grip angle and whatnot). The M&P I've shot the least out of all of these - I had no problems getting on target and it was a decent weapon, but I didn't shoot it and think, "I've got to get one!" - it just didn't really appeal to me.

    Here's the thing... it doesn't matter what any of us think... if you get something you can't shoot well and don't enjoy, you made the wrong choice for you. Get what you like and can shoot well - any of the three will do fine for EDC... as long as you make sure it reliably shoots your SD ammo of choice!
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    Back home in Louisiana !!!!

    Something else to consider.....

    Try a new and diffrent holster. Purchase a quality leather (or even a kydex/leather holster, ie. Comp-Tac's MTAC or a Crossbreed Supertuck). A good holster with a 'side guard', that piece of leather or kydex that rides between your dunlop (I got one too )and your sidearm's exposed slideand hammer, will greatly enhance the comfort of carrying your Para. It makes carrying one of the 'newer' guns, M&P's, XD's, Glocks, etc......, easier too.

    I'll also chime in on your choices. I carry a Glock (G23). The grip angle is somewhat diffrent than a 1911's and takes a little getting use to. I 'grew up' shooting a 1911 and love them most of all. The XD's grip angle is more like the 1911's and may be easier to adjust too. I havn't shot an M&P yet so I dunno any more about it other than those I've talked with who own 'em like 'em. Either of the three are good, quality firearms and which ever one you go with will be a fine choice. Find a range/shop that will rent them and put a box thru each. That'll give you a better impression of what you like and how each feel/shoot in your hands.

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    I have owned, currently own or have shot all the guns mentioned here plus many more. My suggestion is go to a rental range and try them. Then pick the one that feels the best to YOU and the one YOU feel most confident in shooting. It is a personal choice once you have a selection of quality firearms.
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    I have an M&P and a Glock. My advice, go with the Glock. M&P's are still experiencing several big issues such as magazine drops and rust while some will say they are not.

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    Thanks to all for the great advice. It looks like the best thing to do will be to rent and shoot the three plastic pistols. (I'm sure it won't be possible to rent a Kimber CDP II) The suggestion of try a new holster is a good one as well, the MTAC looks like it would likely help a lot. The main thing I need to do is to take my time and insure that when I do make a decision, it is the right decision, as I have a long standing personal rule, and that is, NEVER sell a firearm, so buying one, finding out I don't like it, and trading it in on another is not an option.

    Thanks once again,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragin Cajun View Post
    I have an M&P and a Glock. My advice, go with the Glock. M&P's are still experiencing several big issues such as magazine drops and rust while some will say they are not.
    I got my M&P two years ago and it had the old mag catch which would drop the mags, but once S&W sent me the newer one (which is in the newer guns) it has been flawless. And after leaving sweat on the surface of my M&P for a week (oops), I got some rust spots. But I can shoot it better than a Glock and it is just as reliable. THAT is what is important.
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    You'll be able to rent a Kimber don't worry. You may not get the one you want to buy but you can fit those in the showroom.

    I carry a G26 or m Kimber Ultra II stainless depending on the mood. I als have a Kel-Tec PF-9 for extra concealment.

    The holster is almost as important as the weapon (duh).

    The best thing about trying to figure out a solution to this problem? Going to the range and gun store multiple times.

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    two more thoughts:

    First: There is a 1911 you might want to look at - the S&W Scandium Commander. It's got a 4" barrel, and a Scandium frame. Scandium is a super light metal alloy - almost as light as the polymer in the combat tupperware. It's pricey, but should give you all the 1911 bang with a comfortable carry. Only downside is that it's kinda pricey: Product: Model SW1911PD Pistol

    Second: Although you should never ever trust a safety (always obey the four rules), they exist for a reason. While you do engage the safety while holding the gun, there is one key benefit: I have gotten in the habit of releasing the safety when I holster the gun. It took a little while, but I do it out of habit now. While it is highly unlikely for a bit of your shirt to get caught in the trigger guard of an M&P or Glock, and depress the trigger, it has happened. It is even less likely for such an even to cause an AD with the XD series.

    All that being said, I do have an M&P .40 sitting on my hip as I type this. I own two out of the three, and a Glock 19 is on my want list. Hit the range with some rentals, and buy whatever shoots the best for you. Or, if you have the cash, snag a S&W 1911SC.

    Please forgive the rambling. It's a bit late for me. I should be in bed. G'night, and good luck!
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    Here's MTCW. Like everyone else has already said, go to the local range and try all three. (BTW-all of you who have a range like that near you-MUST BE NICE!!! I should move).

    I have had a Glock 21. Great gun, shot great, never worried! However, the one thing that I didn't like is that it carried like a block. A good friend of mine has an XD 45. Another great gun. However, it is close to being a Glock. It carries and feels like a block. That being said, I would own either one-for the house and the range.

    I was seriously leaning toward the XD, until I held a M&P. Feels great! I will tell you how it carries and shoots after tomorrow. I'm going to bring my new baby home tomorrow.

    I'm a very expectant father!!!
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    MY CCW choice boiled down to either a Kimber Ultra or the M&P Compact .45. I completely dropped all glocks--even the G36--and XDs due to their mega thickness as IWB carry options. I didn't like the feel of the G36 grip or the issues with Glock point shooting grip angles. The M&Ps are renouned for their grip. My final issues boiled down to:

    1. Length of grip
    2. Weight
    3. Thickness/width

    Both of my choices met all criteria. I liked the Inspector Gadgetness of the XD--cool looking too--but this gun was just plain way too thick to carry IWB, IMO. The Ultras were actually a little thicker and a little longer in the butt than this double-stack M&P.

    As far as reliability, all mag issues have been resolved as far as I have read. The M&P is mega reliable. Many folks have had feeding issues with the Kimber Ultras too. I'm very happy with my choice but if I had it to do over again I'd get the M&P 45 Compact without the thumb safety...and I'd get an Ultra too if I had unlimited funds!

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    I have & carry Glocks (in multiple calibers), and had a XD-M. I will buy a Glock in the future; I doubt I'll ever own another XD. I don't think the XDM was a terrible pistol...but I can say that it was not for me.

    As for M&P's; I've looked at them, but can honestly say that I still have not met a S&W auto I liked.

    I wouldn't worry about no grip safety. A Glock is perfectly safe to carry without one.
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