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Single-action revolvers for concealed carry?

This is a discussion on Single-action revolvers for concealed carry? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It isn't a point of undergunned or outclassed, it's simply using the best tool for the job. Mario Andretti could beat most of us around ...

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Thread: Single-action revolvers for concealed carry?

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    It isn't a point of undergunned or outclassed, it's simply using the best tool for the job. Mario Andretti could beat most of us around a racetrack if he was in a go-cart and we were in Porches, because he is extremely skilled at his craft. Is a go-cart therefore the best choice for the Indy 500?

    No one can argue that there aren't very capable, very proficient users of single-actions. I don't think you can argue, either, that these same people would be MORE capable and MORE proficient if they had inherently better platforms with the same level of practice and training.
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    Universal Background Checks...the next step towards registration and confiscation.

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    it the same thing as carrying a auto with out a round in the chamber. if you practice enough it could become second nature, I carry a DA/SA but I practice as a DA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bae View Post
    I hope you don't 'Mexican Carry' may hurt something.
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    The Colt Model P style single actions have many factors against them for making a good concealed carry firearm.

    First is weight. Even a birdshead gripped Sheriff's model with a 3 1/2" barrel weighs in at about 38oz. empty. Load that with 5 rounds of 45 Colt ammo and your looking at 41+ oz. hanging on your hip.

    Next is bulk. With an external ejector rod and a cylinder large enough to hold 6, 45 Colt rounds, these are big, bulky firearms.

    Next -- Safety. If you're carrying a modern single action with a transfer bar, such as a Ruger, you're O.K. But if you're carrying a Colt or Colt replica, they are not safe with the hammer resting over a live round. That means that you can only load 5 and the hammer must rest over the empty chamber.

    Next -- capacity & reload speed. Capacity is 5 or 6 rounds at best and reload speed is very slow. Each spent case must be ejected individually and then each round must be loaded individually as you rotate the cylinder. A very slow process compared to loading a modern DA revolver or semi-auto.

    Finally -- readiness. Even with a live round under the hammer in a transfer bar Ruger, you cannot simply draw and pull the trigger. You must first cock the hammer.

    Though I am a CAS shooter and a huge fan of the Colt style single actions, for the reasons stated above I would not consider the single action revolver as a viable concealed carry piece unless I had no other option.

    I must say though that I find some of the comments insinuating that the SAs are not up to the task of self defense laughable as I'm sure thousands of outlaws, civilians, gunfighters, Indians, etc. would had they not been killed by these "ineffective" firearms. The standard loading for a 45 Colt propels a 250 grain bullet in the mid 800 fps range for a muzzle energy in excess of 400 ft. lbs. SAs are also every bit as accurate as modern style firearms. While they usually lack the adjustable sights of modern firearms, their sights can be adjusted by filing and barrel turning. The fact that they are single actions with usually very short, light trigger pulls lends to making them a firearm that can be shot accurately. And for those who think that a SA can't be fired as quickly as a modern revolver or semi-auto, I'd suggest you take a look here and see what can be done with practice. That's draw and fire two revolvers (5 rounds each, 10 rounds total) in 2.49 seconds. Not too shabby for an ineffective firearm.

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    Bulky, heavy, low capacity, slow to fire. What's not to like?

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    Thanks Hoss for the vid, brings back old memories.

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    I wont say your nuts , because if a single action is all you have well then carry it . I am sorry that i can not come up with valid tactics to use it tho . You can attempt to sort out the BS and the valid usage of the firearm when it was used , or conversely you can spend the money that you would have on books for a more common pistol and get info of your internet account to start with . " Cowboy " guns worked then , as they might today . However i choose to update my arms .
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    If you're looking for a concealment rig for that hog-leg try El Paso Saddlery. I've bought my last 2 holsters from them.
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    I own a couple single action revolvers, one is a Colt SAA 3rd Generation and the other is a Ruger New Model Vaquero and I carry the Ruger as a concealed
    carry weapon and ive qualified with it. Ive read several peoples opinons on here of carrying a single action for concealed carry and I have to disagree with
    them. If you take the time to learn and practice enough you can carry and defend yourself with a single action revolver, I personally have a friend thats a
    Texas Lawman that carries a Ruger Single Action. Sheriff Jim Wilson carried a single action and he wrote a article intitled Single-Action Revolvers for Self-Defense, He wrote and I quote "Single-action revolvers are a viable option for self-defense,if you train and deploy one properly." A very well know and reputable training school in Arizona named Gunsite Academy,they have started a class teaching how to use a single action revolver for self defense.
    One of the problems of today are the people who are closed minded and look at people like me as if i'm a nut or crazy for carrying a single action revolver.
    I train and practice with my single action revolver aswell as my other handguns, like everyone that carries a handgun should do.
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    Carrying a Sa for CCW can be done but unless you think it will solve any problem with 5 or 6 shots, then it will be SLOW to reload.

    You will probably have to shoot the bad guys in the legs or disable them somehow, then hide behind a wall or car body and punch those empties out
    before they crawl or drag themselves to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clarkston_cz View Post
    Carrying a Sa for CCW can be done but unless you think it will solve any problem with 5 or 6 shots, then it will be SLOW to reload.

    You will probably have to shoot the bad guys in the legs or disable them somehow, then hide behind a wall or car body and punch those empties out
    before they crawl or drag themselves to you.
    A single action revolver wouldn't be a first choice for self-defense but I wouldn't feel ill-armed when a defensive situation arose if so equipped and the caliber was substantial.

    Why aim for the legs anyway? That wouldn't be a good plan at all, with any handgun. Besides, my old .38-40 single action revolver could ruin an assailant's day with center-mass hits. Even multiple assailants would have just acquired their own set of worries if a single action revolver was brought to bear against them by a skillful and determined man.
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    I have several single actions ,,,, that I do not use for
    self-defense ,,,,, but I would not feel under gunned with either,,,
    Ruger 357 blackhawk or the 45LC Hawes ,,,, both would leave
    some BIG HOLES,,,,, both are 4+ barrels.

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    Power wise a Single action is definatly up to the task. Is it the best choice for most people? no. Capacity wise, yes, you have a lower number or rounds available, and a slower reload speed. But, it's not how many rounds you have, or who gets off the first shot, or the most shots even, it's who gets the first Center of Mass HIT that counts most of the time.
    A 1911 is Not an obsession, it's simply a recognition that it's THE Gun. :-) All others are runner ups. And hey, if all else fails, aim for the nose and fling it to knock out your foe. Let's see y'all do that with a kel-Tec. ;-)

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    Like many have said I have shot SASS for years shooting SA's is good practiced and is good for eye hand coordination, but to carry a Vaquero for EDC no too bulky and heavy compared to modern guns. Speed I do not think is a factor either I can do the 5 round of .45 LC in less than 3 seconds as well in a 5 inch steel plate at 15 feet.

    Now when I go hunting in the mountain (250 gr CorBon's) or out on the high plains (Snake rounds) I will carry my .45 LC Vaquero in my western rig would not consider the 9MM Glock on any day.

    Though anyone looking down the bore of a .44 mag or .45 LC and seeing the lead in the cylinders you gots to know is intimidated
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