Shooting from "inside" a pocket; how important?

Shooting from "inside" a pocket; how important?

This is a discussion on Shooting from "inside" a pocket; how important? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Question guys and gals; just how important or viable is the ability to shoot from within a pocket? I hear this mentioned alot when talking ...

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Thread: Shooting from "inside" a pocket; how important?

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    Shooting from "inside" a pocket; how important?

    Question guys and gals; just how important or viable is the ability to shoot from within a pocket? I hear this mentioned alot when talking about revolvers versus autos and when talking about revolvers with hammers or without. So, this something you seriously think would ever happen? I know anything "CAN" happen but really, what's the likelyhood? Also, I imagine such an act would be in total desperation since there's no ability to aim or even point shoot. Then you're already behind the power curve on penetration due to going through your own cloths first.

    So what do you think? Is this something so minor that you don't even consider it or is this something you really think about when you choose a revolver for CCW?

    Why ask? I love snubbies with hammers. I have an S&W 642 like everyone else on the planet which is great for drawing from my pocket but I can't imagine ever shooting from anything other than a big coat pocket and then I suspect a hammered revolver could probably do so, although I'm not going to run any trials myself

    I'd like to get an S&W 60 simply because of love the looks and feel of an all stainless and I like the looks of a gun with a hammer.


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    I think the hammerleass concept is much more important due to its ease of draw, rather than the ability to shoot from the pocket. If I have a coat on, I'm going to be carrying in a belt rig anyway, and not a pocket. Pocket carry is most useful when you don't have an outer garment on and need to carry in your pants pocket. I couldn't shoot someone through my pants pocket, unless maybe I was flat on my back!

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    There was a member named "Geezer" on Warrior Talk that did quite a bit of research/testing on this a few years might be able to find his stuff (pictures, etc.) if you go over there and do a search .

    I guess it's nice to know you could do do it if you had to. However, as you said, it's going to be an act of desperation done only if your assailant has encroached so far into your space that you cannot draw the revolver (or maybe as a "preemptive" shot).
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    I'm with Mo on this. I also think the hammerless design is more for ease of draw, no snagging the hammer, than shooting from the pocket.
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    Although I'm not sure when I would have my S&W 637 in a coat pocket without a holster, I suppose it could happen.
    If I had been unaware of an intruder into my private space prior to my ability to draw, and I had my hand in my coat pocket with my hands on the snubbie...shooting (if applicapable) shouldn't be too difficult. Someone that close to me is going to have a 'mark' (or 2-3 of them) on his/her chest regardless of going through the material of my light jacket first.

    Actually, my EDC is either a 1911 or a Glock...I would never have reason to carry either in my coat pocket...nor would I want to shoot a semi from my coat pocket.

    OMO...others may vary.

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    I don't pocket carry, me, it's a non-issue.
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    Shooting from inside a pocket

    Shooting from inside a pocket is a non issue to me. Yes it could be done,but I have never know anyone that have had to do it.All my snubbies are hammerless or have had the hammers bobbed. Simply for ease of draw from the pocket or IWB carry.

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    Why mess up a good coat? Although possible I can't see any real need to worry about it as it would be so rare that there would be too many other variables to consider.

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    of course there is always the chance of setting yourself on fire. "CCW holder stops 7-11 theft" is in County General after setting self on fire,paramedics and fire rescue was called to put out "local hero". jwr

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    I look at it as just another tool in the "survival toolbox", probably never need it but nice to have.

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    I can imagine a situation in the winter when one wears a heavy coat. It might be advantageous to be able to shoot through the pocket. It ruins your coat of course.

    I have no data as to how often or if it ever happened.


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    I could see during a code orange, transferring weapon from deep cover to hand inside pocket. Say from Smartcarry to coat keeping it hidden but ready for action possibly firing through clothing if necessary.

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    I pocket carry a PPS and when I'm walking through parking lots and other such places, I just have my hand in my pocket with a firm grip on the PPS ready to pull out or just shoot throught the pocket. I do think that it would be hard to pull the trigger with it being in a Desantis Superfly, and I would count on it not cycling properly.
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    It only becomes important when it is too late to reconsider if it was important!....

    Personally, I do not have the option in most of my carry methods, but like I said it would only become an issue if I needed it and did not have the option... so far so good...
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    Its better to have and not need than to need and not have, keep it safe but keep it loaded!

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    Personally, I've never considered pocket carry. I do however see the possibilities and issues of concern associated with the concept. A lot of things are possible. Simply because something has not been done doesn't mean it can't be pioneered, and after that....technically advanced. Remember...I never said it's an impossible thought, just that I've never considered it.
    Shooting from "inside" a pocket; how important?
    Options are always good...the more the merrier. In the grand scheme of things options are important. I hope this answers your question.

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