Duplicate Guns

Duplicate Guns

This is a discussion on Duplicate Guns within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; After owning firearms my whole adult life, carrying for a year, and shooting and training weekly, I have pretty much narrowed down what I like ...

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Thread: Duplicate Guns

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    Duplicate Guns

    After owning firearms my whole adult life, carrying for a year, and shooting and training weekly, I have pretty much narrowed down what I like and almost exclusively shoot the guns that I carry. Lately I have been selling, trading, and giving away some of the full sized guns in the safe that aren't being used. What I'm left with is the stuff that I am most proficient with and actually use. I've also bought nearly exact duplicates of my 2 most carried guns so that I have a familiar spare so that if something happens, like a loss or breakage, I have an extra. Anyone else doing this? I'm also thinking of picking up a spare of my favorite holster.

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    I dont really have any dupilcates. What I do have is 6 various Sigs that have all the same functions on them.

    The P220 .45, the P226 ,357SIG, the P226 9MM are virtually the same gun.The P225 9mm is a bit smaller, as is the P239 .40, but still the same mode of operation. The Sig 230 in .380 is a bit different.

    Same thing with the Glocks.
    Currently have 2 model 21's, 23 and a 17. Same gun, different caliber.

    There is some merit to what you are doing though.

    Oops my bad. I totally forgot about my various 1911's. I'm down to 3 now, a Colt, Thompson and Norinco. Same,same.
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    I have 4 full size 1911, one comander size 1911, and Colt Defender.
    All have same manual at arms.
    I have 4 Winchester model 94, 2 Winchester model 92, and 1 model 94 Marlin. Same manual at arms.
    1 Ruger 77, and 1 Winchester 22. Same basic manual at arms.

    I have found that it is best to stay with what you know. I had bought a Taurus Millinum in 9mm. It was double action and I kept short strokeing the trigger.
    I was just to used to the 1911 single action. If I were to buy another 9mm it would be some sort of 1911. It is true that with enough time I probably could get used to another type gun but why bother, what I have works just fine.

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    Wish I had the funds.

    One reason (maybe flawed) I stick to the factory parts. Easy to buy a replacement that feels the same.

    I know someone at the range that does have duplicate back-ups. One concern is if there is a SD shooting, you are often more likely to receive your CCW back before your firearm (if ever).

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    No duplicates in my safe. However I do need to pick up some spare parts for the unforseen.
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    I have a pair of G23's. Those are the only two dupilcates I have right now. One of those has a CT on it.......that's the only diffrence.

    At the time I wanted two of the same because I liked the gun that much and I'd have common parts, mags, holsters, and ammo for either. The next couple, or three, sidearms I get will most likely be 1911's. Probley not the exact brand/model but they'll have common mags, holsters, ect. I do like the idea of having the same 'type' of gun as a 'back-up', although it's not necessary either. It's all up to what you like/want.

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    Yup. My main gun is a P228, and I've collected a few. I like to have a spare or two, and some I just bought because I found them cheap.
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    I have 2 that are very similar----Kel-tec P3-at and Ruger LCP. In total I have 4 CCW weapons, and all are the same as no safety--pull, point, POW.

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    I Have 11 1191 with are diffent sizes so all are the same. Rifes all m4 only problem i like to shoot to mjch hard to keep ammo stocked up

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    No duplicates yet unless one considers a G17 and G22 to be identical other than caliber. If I came across the right deal, I'd go for a twin G19 for sure but rather have a G23. Nothing wrong with having duplicates, and one could pretty much use one for an emergency parts gun if the need arose.

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    Yep. Only duplicates.

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    All my carry guns are 1911s. Same manual of arms.
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    No exact duplicates but i have a few that " pair up " such as a detonics and a gvt model 1911 , and a P9 and pm9 Kahrs .
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    Full size Springfield XD40, going to get an XD40 compact soon too. For the same reasons - don't need to think before using. Same controls, same feel, same result.

    Also, gun will fit in same holster, same accessories fit etc.

    That said, if I had a bigger budget I would probably be more willing to expand my collection beyond one make!

    As the old saying goes "Beware the man who owns one gun (or in this case multiples of the same gun).... he knows how to use it"


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    I sold my Witness .40 in favor of a second 1911 in .45 ACP for this very reason (couldn't afford to keep the Witness and buy another 1911). Muscle memory is a beautiful thing, especially when one ages. Yes, I can shoot almost anything made. That's not the point. When your a$$ is on the line and the eyes are seeing purple because of the adrenaline at 3am, you need to be able to muster all of your assets, especially instant familiarity. Owning a boatload of different platforms is fine for some people, but it's like shopping with coupons at Albertson's. You can do it, but ya gotta remember the rules. At 3am, I don't want to have to remember the safety on this gun flips up, not down.

    And, selfishly, it's nice to have spare parts!
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