So I have been eyeing one of these since I first saw an ad for one. It was a lot of cash so I have been putting it off. I went to the range on Friday for the first time and they had one for rent. So I tried it out. Only put 50 rounds through it, but it was enough to convince me NOT to spend over a $1000 for it.

Just a few thoughts on it, I thought the sights were very hard to pick up, they seemed really small, especially the front sight. I have large hands with long fingers and found that the gun 'jumped around' in my hands quite a bit. I believe the lack of checkering on the front strap was the main cause of this. I have rented compact Kimbers in the past with stipled front straps and did not have that problem. Also the magazine was very hard to insert. That may be due to the fact that it was a range gun and probably not as well maintained as it should be.

Just my experience with this particular gun. Thought I would share, so now I have to set my heart on a different compact pistol.