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Mag cleaning/maintenance?

This is a discussion on Mag cleaning/maintenance? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Bud White yes the springfield mags can be taken apart Push the follower down to 3-4th hole in side then stick a ...

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Thread: Mag cleaning/maintenance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bud White
    yes the springfield mags can be taken apart

    Push the follower down to 3-4th hole in side then stick a punch or allen wrench though hole and spring..

    Then let go follower tip mag up side down and usually will come out or be shaken out

    After that remove punch being careful spring dont put your eye out clean mag and reassy oppsite way ..

    Clean my springfield mags that way all the time

    That's pretty much how I do it too. I converted all my SA mags to 8 round CMC Shooting Stars. Wolff also has +10 mag springs (extra power), I've had good luck with those as well.

    A few tricks I use:
    - When compressing the spring with a pencil use the eraser end, it gives added traction on the follower so the pencil doesn't slide off.

    - I use a finishing nail through the witness holes - works great.

    - Needle nose pliers make removing followers easier, just use care not to warp anything. Followers generally come out of the tube nose first (like a submarine surfacing).

    - Lastly, pay attention to the spring orientation (coil pitch direction and end of spring configuration), there's a RIGHT way to install them and it's easy to put the spring in backward and upside down. The end of the coil spring grips a hook underneath the follower so it's important that the correct end engages the follower.

    - For lube I use an old cotton cloth and a "smidge" of graphite powder (hardware stores sell it as a dry lube for door locks). Just a light wipe inside the tube and it's done ... and doesn't attract dirt/crud.

    After you've done it once it's really easy, just sounds tricky at first.

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    That will work for any non removable base 1911 mag

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    I spray them with Brake Cleaner and let them dry.
    Then spray with Rem Oil.

    Seems to work.

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    I clean my magazines when I clean the firearms it feeds. Almost never.

    I just take them apart and wipe them down. Light coat of oil on blued mags.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruces45
    Man you must shoot alot, every thousand rounds or once a month
    I normally go through 200-300 rounds a weekend...

    I'd start reloading but I cant afford a press because I'm spending so much on ammo (that and I really dont have anywhere to put a press at the moment).

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    Am gonna get a few Chip McCormick or Wilson mags for carry though.

    You can save a little money if you go straight to the magazine manufacturers, none of the 1911 makers that I know of produce mags on site, including Colt, Wilson, Baer, Brown, Novak, Chip McCormick, etc., go right to the suppliers.

    Solid base mags are not necessarily cheap-junk, I still use several that were made during WWII.
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    I've noticed that all sorts of dust and other crap get into my gun and mags from clothing while carrying. I guess I'm a maintenance freak, but I want to KNOW that mechanically the gun is as good as I can make it. I'm sure you know the old saying:

    If it's mechanical, it's not that IF it's going to fail, just a matter of WHEN. Hopefully keeping one clean will keep the "whens" away longer.


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