XD45 Service

XD45 Service

This is a discussion on XD45 Service within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone here carry the XD45 service? I was shooting my buddy's and really liked it. Plus, 13+1 of .45 is a turn on. It's ...

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Thread: XD45 Service

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    XD45 Service

    Does anyone here carry the XD45 service? I was shooting my buddy's and really liked it. Plus, 13+1 of .45 is a turn on. It's a 4" barrel like my G23, but the grip seemed a little longer. Yes, I know there is a XD45 compact now, but that doesn't answer my question. So, who carries one, and what do you carry it in?
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    I carry one and I carry it in a sky ops holster.
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    I have one as well, and I carry it in a neoprene Uncle Mike's IWB holster. Occassionally I will carry it in an Uncle Mike's vertical shoulder holster.

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    I carry one! I carry mine in a Don Hume Agent OWB Holster.
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    At times I carry my XD-45 compact with the larger mag in it, which makes it the same size as the service. Depending on several factors, I carry in 1 of 3 different holsters:

    1. SmartCarry
    2. Bluegrass Holster's Mason-Dixon IWB/OWB holster
    3. This shoulder holster: Deep Concealment Shoulder Holster

    Of course the gun conceals better with the smaller mag in it, but I have concealed the full-size mag in all of these holsters. It depends on the clothes I'm wearing whether I can conceal well with all 3 holsters.

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    I carried one...sold it shortly after I bought my first 1911. Its a great pistol and incredibly reliable. It just wasn't the same afterwards.
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    I have one ,but my wife took it...really. She hasn't gotten her permit yet,but has taken her class. Not sure how she will carry it yet

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    I carry one with MTAC IWB, very comfy setup and really accurate gun and very reliable.

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    I have one but it is my home defense gun. Very nice gun though.
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    Not trying to change your thread or your mind but I would look strongly at the compact version for CC which I carry in a IWB Brommeland Max-Con.
    I've mentioned this a few times but the compact w/10rd mag is virtually the same size as the G19, only a little heavier.
    Over at the XD forum everyone just loves their 45C. Of course they are not biased .. duh. I just think it is more concealable than the service model.

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    I carry one in a Crossbreed SuperTuck. Love it. I would have gotten the compact version if I had known it came with an extended 13 round magazine as well.

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    I carry one in a Don Hume IWB or a Gould and Goodrich OWB. Great gun but a little big for CC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buzzgum View Post
    I carry one in a Crossbreed SuperTuck. Love it. I would have gotten the compact version if I had known it came with an extended 13 round magazine as well.
    Same here, except I did get the compact version and I feel like I got the best of both worlds. !3 rds with extended mag and 10 with compact mag. Plus the Crossbeed holster is great. I'm a big guy(5'11" 285 lbs) but I can carry mine all day with no discomfort. Check out their website: www.crossbeedholsters.com
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    I regularly carry an XD45 Service in a Max-Con V from Gary Brommeland.

    In fact, the main reason I don't have it with me now, is I didn't want to fly with it (left that up to the Glock 19).

    The XD45 Service hides under even an untucked t-shirt.

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    I carry my XD45 Service in an Mtac Minotaur IWB. Very comfortable even wearing all day.

    Sure, it gets heavy and is difficult to tuck because the gun wants to hit the floor! You cant put the gun in AFTER you have tucked your shirt so its kind of an art to get it situated and still keep your pants up.

    With an untucked shirt its no problem at all.
    “I am consistently on record and will continue to be on record as opposing concealed carry.”
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