New to CC need advice.

New to CC need advice.

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Thread: New to CC need advice.

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    New to CC need advice.

    Glock 27 or 30. Any Ideas!

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    IMO I like my G19.

    It conceals fine for me.

    IMO I don't like the .40 round. I prefer 9mm or .45.

    IMO The .40 is a compromise between the size of the 9mm and the power of the .45. I don't like the recoil of the .40, I can shoot .45 or 9mm better.

    Currently I am carrying my G19 for a couple of reasons

    First, I like the 16 rounds better than the 8 my Kimber offers.

    Also I haven't had the Kimber long, and although it hasn't had any issues so far, I still have to put another couple hundred rounds through it before I will completely trust it.

    So picking between the two guns you said, I would choose the G30.

    Only my Opinion.
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    Glock 29. I am trying to find a way to trade into a second one.

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    Given the choice between the two, I would carry the G27. The G30 is too fat for most hands and it is heavier than the G27. If given the choice between the G27 and a G36, I would probably go with the G36 due to the bigger bullet.

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    another vote for something else
    Glock 19 is hands down the best carry pistol
    the G27 is kinda small to work with and like others the G30 is kinda fat unless you have real big hands.


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    A Glock 19 for an "all-around" carry gun seems like a winner. I admit I carry my Glock 26 more due to the nicer weather down here. As an old .45ACP guy it took me a long time(and the fact my old job went to the G19)to embrace the 9mm. Today you have the BEST choice of 9mm rounds in history and the combination of capacity and performance is hard to beat. The 9mm also affords cheaper practice etc. Stoke that bad boy with one of many good HP loads and you're good to go!
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