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This is a discussion on Question For Revolver Fans within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Without rubber grips which cover the back strap, and are high enough to prevent recoil from hurting the base of the thumb, the LWs are ...

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Thread: Question For Revolver Fans

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    Without rubber grips which cover the back strap, and are high enough to prevent recoil from hurting the base of the thumb, the LWs are punishing with full loads. However grips that cover enough to prevent the metal parts from hitting the web of your hand, recoil is not bad. I never fire over a box of ammo, and seldom fire full house or +P loads.

    A steel gun is more pleasant to shoot, but not to carry. One has to make a choice as to recoil vs weight to carry. Steel J-Frame guns are not all that bad to carry, but the LW's are better.

    If I wanted to fire over about 50 rounds per session I would go for the steel gun.


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    I tried pocket carry with a S&W 36 and a Taurus 85 and found them to be just to heavy to work in a pocket.

    I bought a 442 and several boxes of the Gold Dot short barrel loads. The first time I fired it I thought I had a lightning bolt in my hand. Man, there was a big difference between the steel J frames and this one.
    I loaded a bunch of SWC and jacketed bullets in a lighter loading and found my range sessions much more enjoyable.

    After I carried the gun and shot it quite a bit, I got to where the defensive loads did not bother me and I have the Defender Crimson traces which are a harder polymer rather than rubber.

    I still practice with the lighter loads but always end my range session with two or three cylinders of the Gold Dots and as I said, they don't really bother me now.

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    I can't discern the difference in toting a steel frame or aluminum frame revolver, even in a pocket. I like weight so prefer the Model 36 over the Model 642. I like the 2-inch Model 10 even better.

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    Ron. Feel your pain, KIND OF. When I carried a revolver off-duty it HAD to be a steel-frame either a Colt Det.Special or more commonly, a Smith Chief or the Ruger Sp101. The Ruger is built like a Swiss-vault so less recoil issues there. I had a 640(prior to us changing over to Glocks)and the weight was NOT an issue because I NEVER owned an Airweight. The point, I thinkI'm trying to make is, maybe switch to a steel-frame Chief, which will fall right in the middle between that 642 and that Sp101. It might be "Baby Bear's porridge".........JUST RIGHT. Just a thought!! Good Luck
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    I asked these guys how to tame the recoil on my new S&W 642 when I first bought it. As usual these guys sent me in the right direction. I now have no problem firing very good groups free and and off hand with it now. One of the things that helped me most was just burning through several hundred rounds of +P ammo if you can stand that most of the other rounds youy carry are not much to complain about. You might also want to try GoldDots reduced recoil short barrel ammo it's what I load up my mom's snubby with now.
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    On my wife's 642, the Crimson Trace grips seem to tame it, and we've not found recoil to discourage a good range outing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOF View Post
    If worn IWB a 3" or 4" barrel is no harder to conceal that a 2". In fact it helps keep the grip tighter against your side. The grip is what is dificult to hide. I have no problem concealing a GP100 4" IWB. The GP100 is significantly easier on recoil than the typical snubby and a pleasure to shoot.

    I have a 66 2.5" That I bought a couple years back cause it looked so bad (thanks, Pogo). However, just this summer, in between semi's, I started carrying the revolver. Surprise! It's the best conceal IWB I own. The speed-loaders are another story.
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    My usual off duty carry set-up is this:

    3" GP100
    2 1/4" SP101

    Yes, I carry all three at the same time. I much prefer a steel gun, and like the Rugers better when shooting "full house" loads. I like the Rugers so much I traded my 640 away.

    I found the J-Frame guns to not be something I want to shoot with "full house" magnum loads. The Barrel is not the hardest part to hide, it's the Stocks, or "butt" if you will. One thing that will help with that is a good Belt and Holster.


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