CZ Dan Wesson 1911

CZ Dan Wesson 1911

This is a discussion on CZ Dan Wesson 1911 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What do ya'll know about these pistols? I'm looking for possibly a new carry gun, think this would be an option? Thanks for any help, ...

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Thread: CZ Dan Wesson 1911

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    CZ Dan Wesson 1911

    What do ya'll know about these pistols? I'm looking for possibly a new carry gun, think this would be an option? Thanks for any help, I don't know anything about these pistols.
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    I just bought a Dan Wesson Bobtail, and I'm very impressed with it. It's accurate, fit and finish are great, no tool marks inside, the trigger is simply outstanding at about 3.5 lbs, and most important, it feels great in my hands.

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    CZ/Dan Wesson make fine firearms. I looked at purchasing a Bobtail Commander when I was looking for a 1911 carry gun. They are hard to find (almost impossible) here in the Richmond area. With the kind of money your talking, I didn't really want to purchase sight unseen over the internet. Ran across the SIG 1911 RCS and fell in love with it. 400 rounds later it is on my hip whenever I go out now.
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    The CZ/Dan Wesson's are excellent weapons.
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    What do I think of a Dan Wesson CBOB? Its been my EDC for 3 yrs.....THATS what i think of it.

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    I own a CBOB. I love it. I doubt that I will ever feel the need to buy another handgun for carry for the rest of my life. I plan on living for a long time! :)


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    My DW PM7S is absolutely amazing. If you're looking for a 1911, DW and Fusion would be at the top of my list.

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    I bought a CBOB from my CZ dealer (I'm a regular customer, and an addict!) a few months ago. It's a wonderful firearm and the quality exceeds that of any other 1911 I've ever owned... and I've had quite a bit.

    My particular pistol was a factory blem. It has a strange symbol that looks like an upside-down Y about an inch forward of the serial number, which is their BLEM stamp. The only blem I could find was a tiny dot on the frame near the grip panel. The pistol's fit and finish was just as good as the non-blems, so I snapped it up. I paid either $730 or $740... it was a screaming deal.

    If you're considering carrying a CBOB, certainly look into a blem. The savings are substantial, and you won't feel so bad when you run it into a steel doorknob while carrying it.

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    The Dan Wesson 1911's are one of if not the best bargin avalible in a semi-custom 1911. My Pointman 7 is an outstanding value (under $800). I have been very pleased with the acuracy and performance. Mine is also a "blem" like scubasteve's but I cannot find any cosmetic issue anywhere on the pistol. My local CZ dealer (near Raleigh NC)gets these in fairly regularly and they go fast. Great value all the way around.

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    I have a Dan Wesson bobtail and consider it best 1911 for the money .
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    Never a problem with mine.

    More DW pics and Review:

    Good Luck with your eventual purchase. You will be very happy.
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    I don't own one but held one for the first time about a month ago. I know will go about the painful saving of money in order to buy one.
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    Worth every penny!

    Only problem I have is putting it down, lol!

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    Nice looking guns, i may purchase one for target and/or home defense, but i just dont like carrying a fullsize.
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    Also bought DW CBOB. Only had time to put 25 rounds through it the other day, impressed by its accuracy. Plans are for EDC.

    Grip panels are too thick for a 1911. Trigger could use a little work, but still better than my low-end Springfield.

    Factory blem, $800 shipped - 1/4" gouge on side of dust cover, model number engraving is not filled in with a uniform black; but the factory blem mark is uglier than either of those blemishes.

    I think the SW 1911PD and Sig C3 Revolution would also be excellent choices.

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