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This is a discussion on Baikal 9mm Makarov within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have one just like yours I bought probably 10 years ago and it has always been a good gun. I bought a case (1000 ...

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Thread: Baikal 9mm Makarov

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    I have one just like yours I bought probably 10 years ago and it has always been a good gun.
    I bought a case (1000 Rds) of the barnaul HP ammo when it was dirt cheap and plentiful. I probably have 800 rounds left which means the next time I go to the range the Mak has to go along.
    There was a fellow doing the fixed sight conversions and they looked really good. They looked like a novak fixed sight but he developed some serious mental conditions and quit working on them. It was depression, bipolar or something he couldn't get through.
    I think we just have to learn to like the adjustable sights.

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    Check out Red Storm Holsters I have one for my CZ-82 and like it. It fits well and the price is right. Not the best quality leather but what do u expect at that price $20 or so plus shipping from Fayetteville, AR. Buy two... Just me 2 cents.

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    Newly aquired BAIKAL Markarov

    I was give this gun recently. It belonged to my wife's grandfather and I started to look for information about it online today. The original poster of the thread has a very similar gun but the markings on the right side of the slide are different. Instead of the IJ-70 mine has a reversed N with backwards K type symbol then the -70. Can anyone tell me what that is? I am attaching a few pictures. I also have two 8 shot clips and a holster. I don't think it has ever been fired. The action is very stiff to try to move it but I have seen some info on the net about loosing up after some use. I want to confirm the ammo to be used as the 9x18 as well. Any comments?

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    New Makarov Owner

    I, too, am a new owner of a Makarov (I'm new, not the gun). It was made in Bulgaria, don't know when. It looks well used but the gun shop owner said he'd take it back if it didn't work properly.

    Some questions:
    1) What is best kind of ammo is best--for practice?
    2) for home defense?
    3) Where to buy the ammo?
    4) Is it possible to affix a laser pointer sight?

    Any information will be helpful.

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    great gun and well made. i got a p64 and it is a good gun. but you are right the ammo for these guns are high. so the p64 is a safe queen.
    An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.

    Red State State of Mind

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    Ahh, I miss mine. It was my first pistol, and the only one I'd ever sold (I had to move to California, and the laws were so murky at the time, I sold it rather than risk losing it there). I had bought it for $120 in about '98, now I'd happily have paid $200 to have it back!

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