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A gun for every occasion ???

This is a discussion on A gun for every occasion ??? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've thought about that a lot lately, too. I've just sold and given away a couple of Sigs-a 226 and a GSR-because of the additional ...

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Thread: A gun for every occasion ???

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    I've thought about that a lot lately, too. I've just sold and given away a couple of Sigs-a 226 and a GSR-because of the additional manipulation required to operate them. I'm a big fan of revolvers and striker fired semi autos that only have a trigger to worry about. I won't carry anything with a manual safety or a decocker. Right now I'm very comfortable with a Kahr K9 and a S&W 442 as carry guns and a Glock 17 when a full sized gun is called for.

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    Something very simple about the 'guns' I carry... and I do carry a few different ones..... I pull the trigger and they go BOOM. Period. None of them are of a design that I do anything other than that. No decocking, safties to click, etc.

    I can do a wheel gun easier than a mag change, but I can do either quickly. It's like shooting a rifle and a shotgun, both load differently... but I have no trouble shooting either one.

    Practice, be versatile.

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    I like variety myself. One common in all my carry guns is DAO. No safety to remember just a simple method of draw and shoot.

    My primary is always on the same place and bug is always in the same place. If I only carry my bug, it stays in the same place so no remembering to use primary hand instead of off hand.

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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    I found myself in a similar situation a few months ago. I was breaking in my new 1911 (a SA GI Champion) and started having trouble shooting my beloved M&P .40. 200 rounds through the 1911 and I developed a muscle memory for the short reset on the GI Trigger. I decided to consolidate my armory to a single manual of arms (for handguns, at least). I got rid of my 1911, and my CZ75 P-01. I've got two SA XD's and the M&P .40. The all have similiar triggers, and go BANG when you pull the trigger. Nice and easy. I'm open to other single actions that have about the same travel and reset distance though.
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    I "grew up" in firearms with the 1911. I've loved it for years and can shoot it very well. In the mid 90's, I discovered Glock. I found I really like, and appreciate the Glock gun because it is reliable and I don't mind it seeing a little rougher handling. I have no problem with dunking a Glock in the pond while fishing but not my nice 1911's.

    Anyway. I carry both platforms interchangeably. I know my gear intimately and I don't have to think about which one I have have with me. Things just happen when they need to happen regardless of whether I have the 1911 or Glock. I am 100% confident in my abilities with either and don't feel at all compromised by carrying two different platforms. They are similar enough in function that I have no issue. I slingshot all reloads so the minimal slide release lever on the Glock is a non-issue.

    What would cause me issue would be throwing in a gun with heel mag release or the Walther-type trigger guard mag release. There is no way I would feel comfortbale carrying these as I've trained too long with the frame mounted buttons. I would be compromised in a mag change with one of these and it would cause me to hesitate, and consciously process what I needed to do. Or, I would automatically default to the frame mounted button and find nothing happens.

    Your concern is valid when crossing certain platforms, IMO.

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    Great post! I am in somewhat of an agreement with your position. I too only carry one pistol and that is my HK P2000SK with the V2 LEM trigger. I practice all of my drills every time I go to the range with that gun first and then I will pick up my other pistols and do those drills just to keep familiar with them and also because I enjoy shooting the different one's in my collection. But like you I carry only one and don't switch it up.

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    I certainly see your point as I have 30 or so handguns of many different types and makes including revolvers both single and double action, single and DA semi's, DAO semi's and so forth. I do find it difficult to get enough quality practice time with all of them. As far as carry options I generally stick to my S&W 642 or Model 10, or a DAO semi like the Kahr CW40 or PM9. This way all I need to do is pull the trigger and the firearm goes bang. This simplifies things.
    When I leave the home port:
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    Anyone dedicated enough will learn to use ANY gun they carry to the level you use your G26. I'm about that way with my G19. I love that gun.

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    I thought for a long time the Glock 23 would be the gun, and then I bought the Glock 19... the Glock 19 gave me better groupings, and much shorter time for follow-up shoots... then I purchased a Glock 26... I like having options, and my Glock family of guns shoot and feel the same in my hand.

    The Glock 26 is an excellent choice... very reliable... great size to carry... and very light weight option to carry.
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    great post pilot!

    I'm keeping it simple with 1911 designs for handgun carry.

    I've also limited myself for now to train/practice with 9mm only. I have a home in the caribbean and civilians are not allowed to carry calibers larger than 9mm. Since I'm starting to spend more time there and the ammo is triple the price of here, I'm practicing every chance I get stateside.

    I still play around with other calibers (I love shooting .45), but my carry guns will be 1911 in 9mm for familiarity wherever I'm allowed to carry

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    I'm one of those guys who has "a gun for every occcasion".

    When I can get away with it, like during the cooler part of the year, it's my trusty G21. When something lighter and slimmer is called for, I switch to my G17. I occasionally carry a G26 as a BUG, which becomes my primary in hot weather or when deep concealment is required.

    As far as switching carry guns with different manuals of arms, absolutely not!

    I have two cars; one has a 6 speed manual transmission, and the other is a 5 speed manual. On quite a few different occasions, I have attempted to shift the 5 speed car into 6th gear, and driven the 6 speed car down the highway in 5th gear for a few miles before I realized it. That experience is enough to show me how powerful our muscle memory actually is.
    G17, G26

    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil...

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    I started out formally training and carrying the 1911 back in
    78. My first CC weapon was a SA 1911 that I carried for years. Swapped over to a SA Champion a few years back and fell in love with it. I now carry a BHP simply for the fact that it fits my hands better and I can afford to buy more ammo to practice with. All 3 guns have the same basic controls and I can operate them in my sleep. The only other CCW I carry is my old beat up nickeled S&W 36. No thinking needed to operate. Just pull it's trigger and it goes off.

    With that said I do believe you should stick with the same platform.
    I have never had to fire my weapon but I have pulled it and the safety came off naturally every time. A friend (Glock fan and his agencies weapon) recently purchased a SA EMP as a off duty gun and I've seen him forget to take the safety off a number of time during drills. Recommended that he should buy a smaller Glock due to his miscues that could get him killed when TSHTF. JMHO
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    I never found it difficult to change between firearms systems.

    That said I generally use the same revolver I've had since 1975, same 1911 I've had since 1978, or occasionally a Kel Tec P3AT that I've had for about 3 years.

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    All the guns I carry have similar workings. They are all DA/SA with the only deviant being the decocker placement on the H&K which I do not consider a potential problem.

    I love to shoot all guns and use 1911s for some competition and IMO they have the best feel of any handgun. The difference being that if under stress at a match I initially forget the safety I lose a second or two. In real like I lose more.

    I also like the look of S&W revolvers and will shoot a 625 when I am in a mood to be humbled. The other S&W is an airweight j-frame for the pocket because sometimes that is your only option.
    Registration: A prelude to Confiscation and Anarchy.

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    My first gun was a 1911. I owned several of them. Then I bought a Sig and a PPK/s. (Hey, if it was good enough for James Bond, it was good enough for me.) Owned them for years but I was never really trained in how to properly use them.

    Then, when I finally took a class and learned all the things I needed to know but didn't, I discovered that the 1911 was just too complicated. Ya, ya, ya, I know. With enough training I could overcome it. Even though the class was not a real stressful situation, I knew that should I ever be in one, just the simple action of releasing the safety (1911) or the first shot was DA (Sig) was going to throw me. It was there and then that I decided to go with the Glock platform. Now, all I have to do is draw, point/aim, shoot. I have not looked back since.
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