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A gun for every occasion ???

This is a discussion on A gun for every occasion ??? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Most of my training is 1911, and that is my favorite. Anything else I may carry requires less, if not the same. For example, the ...

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Thread: A gun for every occasion ???

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    Most of my training is 1911, and that is my favorite. Anything else I may carry requires less, if not the same. For example, the CZ-75 has a thumb safety, but no grip safety (assuming C&L carrry). The PF-9 has neither, so if I sweep my thumb down the frame and "snug up" the grip, nothing is lost as that's the way my hands work anyways. It still shoots when I pull the trigger.
    However, I can see a real problem for those that have trained predominately with (for example) Glocks. Whereas I just make unnecessary but harmless actions, the Glock user adjusting to a 1911 format will have to remember the thumb safety, and may have to adjust their grip.
    The CZ-75 could be carried de-cocked (or at "half-cock"), and employed as a DAO, if needed.

    Stay safe,

    Chuck Brick.
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    I have two different EDC's...my Kimber and a Glock. When my hand pull the Kimber from the holster, the safety is off before I even think about doing it...kind of like not thinking about where the letters on a keyboard are...
    When I grab my Glock my hand seems to realize that the safety is already off...in either case, the finger is NOT on the trigger!
    Muscle memory?
    These are the only two weapons that I have carried for quite a while...
    I trust either one......I am comfortable with either.

    The biggest thing I fear, is the actual fear itself...adrinaline, that is...this is what causes less thought and more 'without thought' reaction.

    Stay armed...training and awareness...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    This topic is closely related to upland bird hunting, only much more intense.

    I figured out many years ago that if a pheasant flushes and I'm using my reliable Rem 870 it's totally automatic to shoulder the shotgun, flip off the safety and fire in one smooth motion.

    Then, after 25 years with the 870 I bought a Browning Citori over-and-under. Even after 100's of clay pigeons I would still reach for the safety button on the trigger guard when a pheasant flushed when I should have used my thumb to move the slide-safety on top of receiver.

    Same thing when shooting an 1100 auto shotgun only I'd be trying to pump the 1100.

    Long story short, I sold the Citori and went back to the reliable 870.

    IMO, this type of problem could happen with a handgun in a SD situation. I carry only 2 guns. A Beretta 9000S .40 and a Ruger LCP. I have many other handguns, but I only bring the Beretta and LCP to the range. Btw, I don't use safeties on carry guns, but I do on shotguns while hunting.

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    1911 and S&W (style) Wheelguns...

    since 1982 and have not failed me yet...

    (the last shooting I was involved with - I carried a Buckmark)

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    I see BOTH sides of this issue..even though I HATE to be a "middle of the roader"(you usually get RUN OVER). I carry one gun more than another(it happens to be a Glock 26 also),BUT I would feel confident if I switched to my Colt OM with it's different manual of arms. Having said that I would THINK(NO proof here)that sticking to a single-type of system, whatever it may be, would have its advantages. Now would a combination of a DAO revolver as a BUG with a Glock as a primary(BOTH weapons ONLY require pressing the trigger to go BANG once charged)be easier than that same revolver with a SA auto?? Couldn't say, BUT it sounds logical ! Or does one's training, with say ONLY 2 different sysytems over-ride an complications of switching carry guns??
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