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Women...and men speak up. 9mm questions. HK/SIG /Glock

This is a discussion on Women...and men speak up. 9mm questions. HK/SIG /Glock within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Got VOTE Glock ! A G26, might allow a "cup and saucer"hold with the non-shooting hand which might negate the tiny hands problem....

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Thread: Women...and men speak up. 9mm questions. HK/SIG /Glock

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    Got VOTE Glock ! A G26, might allow a "cup and saucer"hold with the non-shooting hand which might negate the tiny hands problem.
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    This truely needs to be her decision. Take her out where she can handle a variety of weapons. The best one for her might not even be on your list.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwhite75 View Post
    So does the SRT come in DAK or just DA/SA or what? How shootable is the DAK versus the DA/SA?
    I think you can get the "Short Trigger" with a DAK. However, I don't think you can get the "Short Reset Trigger" that is available as an upgrade to DA/SA. The short trigger may also add some difficulty when used with the DAK, because of leverage? Not sure.

    I have absolutely no accuracy issues with with DAK, but women may find the long pull a little difficult.
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    The HK P2000SK is a really excellent handgun, extremely reliable and easy to shoot accurately. I have a .40 with the light LEM trigger. Here are a couple tricks to really understanding the LEM:

    First, NEVER "test" the trigger without having already racked the slide. The trigger needs to be prepped before you will have an accurate feel for the pull necessary.

    The LEM HK is designed to be carried with a round in the chamber and does not use an external safety. The trigger pull is longer than what you would have with a DA semi but each trigger pull is identical.

    Once you rack the slide, then pull the trigger. Do not release the trigger. Rack the slide again. Now slowly release the trigger until you feel a "click." The trigger is now reset and can fire again.

    Changing the standard LEM to a "light" LEM is going from an 8# trigger pull to 4.5# pull. It's two small springs, maybe $8 from HK. Very easy to do if you can't order it through your dealer as a light LEM HK.

    After getting a feel for the HK LEM, it is a truly excellent trigger system on a superbly reliable gun. I haven't had a misfeed or FTE in, well, EVER! That would be about 5-10K rounds! For a gun that I would count on to save my life, that is very important. Yes, you can buy guns for less, and paying more is not a guarantee that it will be infallible. I think that HK's P2000 and P2000SK are definitely worth consideration for any CCW need.

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    I do know the importance of her feeling the gun in her hand before, we buy. I did narrow her choices down somewhat based on what I saw from her while shooting and things she told me. She is very used to guns but just does not know the models out there. She is a relatively tall girl at 5'10" and is not a little weakling. She has shot my .40 and really liked it...until the 9mm. I know the 9mm will not be a problem for her recoil wise. When she said she liked the p239 on site from a picture on Gunbroker I said yeah thats a good choice but thats just based on looks so we need to go shopping. Now its a matter of time funds and rnage sessions. She is already discussing holsters and has looked at Limatune's site and I am going to steer her to Cornered Cat. How does anybody think I am doing so far?
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    I think you're doing fine! Keep up the good work.
    Me -- I love my P239. Good luck to your wife.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jwhite75 View Post
    I am considering a p239 which she says she likes the looks of, a HK p2000sk, a g19, and a kahr p9. She says she doesnt like the feel of the g26 its too "itty bitty".
    I carried a P239 in DA/SA for quite a while, now an H&K P2000SK in DA/SA and have rented a G26 a couple of times.

    If she didn't like the feel of the G26, my guess is she won't like the P2000SK which is similar -- double stack, short grip.

    That said, the P2000SK has interchangeable back straps and a couple of different options for mags (flat bottom, the stock "pinky" mag, and the aftermarket X-Grip mag adapter). It has some other advantages like accepting the 15rd P30 mags and true ambi controls. Like the P239, it comes in a number of different trigger styles.

    The P239 has a very different feel. Single stack so longer and thinner.

    My guess is she'll love it or dislike it. My guess is the former.

    The P239 is heavier and lower capacity and max mag capacity is 10rd (std. 8rd.).

    They both have a fairly long and heavy DA pull, although the Sig is smoother and crisper IMO.

    All in all, the P239 is more of the smooth and precision machine. It is a delight to shoot. The SK has a better set of features for carry (higher cap, lighter, high cap mags) and is fine to shoot.

    Note that is you get your hands on an H&K to shoot, there are some 'tricks' to operating the controls, esp. with small hands.

    To operate the mag release, have her try using both her thumb and forefinger. It is really hard to operate the SK release unless you do it that way.

    Also, the decocker is on the rear. Make sure she knows to press down and in, not just *in*.

    Both are super accurate and super reliable. You can't really go wrong with either.

    Good luck,


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    Quote Originally Posted by JG01 View Post
    I recomment you try the sig 239 with Hogue grips.
    If she has small hands I don't think the Hogue grips are the way to go, but that should be her decision. (I'd also stay away from the 10 round mags, those things are "butt ugly" and don't conceal well.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by rstickle View Post
    (I'd also stay away from the 10 round mags, those things are "butt ugly" and don't conceal well.)
    Yah, I think the extra capacity mags, regardless of firearm, are better as spares than carried in the firearm.


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    The 239 is the way to go. My wife has shot most of my pistols and after thousands of rounds, she like the 226; but, it was just too big. I suggested a 239, and since we're blessed up here with minimal gun selection, I ordered her one in .40 S&W. When she felt the gun and played with it at the dealer since I wasn't locked in, she smiled and stated "come to momma." She loves it and so has her friends that shot it at the range. Let her try one in .40 which can be converted to 9mm.
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