Kel-Tec PF-9

I just bought one yesterday. This gun is awesome. It needed no F&B either. Trigger pull is good too. When it was 2 hours old, Last night, I had already put over 100 rounds through it without any jams/mis-feeds/FTF/FTE/FTRB, etc...

The PF-9 is THE THINNEST out there. To me, being thin helps to conceal more than a quarter of an inch in length or height. I had this PF-9 in an IWB holster last night after shooting/cleaning. I sat in my lazyboy for about 3 hours with that gun smack in the middle of my back and there was no trouble. I also drove home with gun in my back without any discomfort.

It comes highly recommended from me.

BTW- my buddy bought the Kahr CW9 yesterday so we could compare the two. The PF-9 is thinner, shorter in length & height and was $140 less. The Kahr's trigger was better, but not enough for me to pay more $$.