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S&W Sigma Series any good?

This is a discussion on S&W Sigma Series any good? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I love my 9ve. I got it because i wanted to have a 9mm in the collection. It is number 3 on the list of ...

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Thread: S&W Sigma Series any good?

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    I love my 9ve. I got it because i wanted to have a 9mm in the collection.

    It is number 3 on the list of carry gear and number 2 for high capacity.

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    I have never hanndeled the Smith but I know Taurus make some good priced pistols with a lifetime warrenty I haved owned three and was happy with them

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    I think the later Sigma's are a fine choice for your first self defense gun. Haven't owned one personally, but have some friends who really like theirs.

    Don't let the anti Hi-Point snobs steer you away from Hi Points. They are not sexy, but they do work. American made, lifetime warranty, and there are thousands of people out there who would testify to them going bang every time. I have owned HP's, and have friends that own them. No less reliable than my Kahr's and HK. Uglier? Yes.... less reliable? No, not for a home defense, truck gun, etc. They don't make great carry guns, just because of their size, but I've never experienced a FTF or any other malfunction.

    Buy what you can afford, but if you actually talk to people who have owned Hi-Points, you will get a lot of very positive feedback, as opposed to all those out there who will look down there noses at anything that costs less than $300 NIB. You can pick up a new 9mm HP for $159 if you watch for a sale.

    Even though I can afford other guns now, I couldn't when I bought my HP. I still am planning on picking up one of the HP Carbines, just to through under the truck seat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by urbanamish View Post
    No less reliable than my Kahr's and HK. Uglier? Yes.... less reliable? No

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    I will soon see how good/bad this Hi Point is, picking it up from Lay a Way on Friday and if I have some extra cash, will take it to a range.

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    I never saw one till a couple of days ago. Most shops I go to dont carry them. The 9mm I saw was as big as a Desert Eagle .50.

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    I can tell you this, one of my best friends and shooting partner has aSig P245 that he normally carries and takes to the range while I take my Sigma 40VE. I have atleast a 1000 flawless rounds through my sigma and I have seen his P245 jam I don't know how many times and he is almost embaressed at times.... I don't know if I just got a good one or what but it has been the most reliable pistol i have....Nothing bad to say here..

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    While I have never owned a Sigma, I have shot several of them. And from that experience I can say I would be willing to carry one. I have not had any failures with the ones I have shot and they are no less concealable than a Glock in my opinion. Honestly, I like the grip angle on the Sigma better than my Beloved Glock 23.

    See if you can find one that is for rent at a range and fire the thing.

    Good luck with the Hipoint. I'm not a real fan of them but, it is surely better than no gun at all.
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