Advantage Tactical Sight for Glock

Advantage Tactical Sight for Glock

This is a discussion on Advantage Tactical Sight for Glock within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I just got this email. I thought they were interesting sights. The Advantage Tactical Sight... Lightning Quick Sight Acquisition & Error Free Sight Alignment The ...

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Thread: Advantage Tactical Sight for Glock

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    Advantage Tactical Sight for Glock

    I just got this email. I thought they were interesting sights.

    The Advantage Tactical Sight... Lightning Quick Sight Acquisition & Error Free Sight Alignment The ATS maximizes: 1.) Quick target acquisition along with precision accuracy. 2.) Greater target area visibility. 3.) Greater sight visibility in most lighting situations. 4.) Ability to shoot with both eyes open. 5.) Ability to tune sight scheme to the eyes of the individual shooter. 6.) Sight adjustment without compromising sight strength.

    SIGHT ALIGNMENT: Simply align the front sight blade into the recessed area of the rear sight. The front and rear sights so aligned form a pyramid. Place the top point of the pyramid on the desired point of bullet impact. The brightly colored columns of the rear sight will guide your eyes to the brightly colored front sight for quick and precise sight alignment. The precise, error free sight alignment of the ATS creates for the shooter a shot-by-shot information feedback system. The ATS itself becomes a learning tool for enhancement of shooting skills. After an initial learning curve, many shooters report an improvement in their shooting skills, beyond their former abilities with traditional iron sights. As practice continues, the tendency to see the rear sight peripherally or subconsciously increases. The need for precise sight alignment, especially at close to moderate distances will diminish, as your eyes become more front sight oriented. Longer distanced targets may also be hit more precisely. Five easily interchangeable colored cassettes are included with the purchase of each ATS. Mix and match easily, create the best color combination for you.

    Retails at $99.95.
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    I've been looking at those too. Looks like they'dbe good forquick sight aquisition. Wish I could try 'em first.

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    Interesting. My initial impression is that they have a very large profile. I'd like to try these someday but for now I'm stuck on my Big Dots.
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    Big Dots or Meprolight notch and post sights
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    My opinion? I think they might create bad habits and a sense of dependence. Just like dot sights....I don't see those working well at close range when one needs to focus on the front sight. Again...just my opinion, and you can probably find more about them in this thread here:
    Well, they are similar.

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    I have had them on my glock m20 for about 6 months, had my doubts but I really like them.

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    I'll stick with my big-dots...
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    With anything inside of seven yards, sights are only an afterthought. Since most encounters take place at less than that distance, these (and other) aftermarket sights are simply expensive toys.
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    Neat gimmick. If you work on your grip, 'fast acquisition' becomes irrelevent. When you bring the pistol up with your eyes closed, the sights should be aligned, whatever kind they are. If they aren't, then you need to practice.

    Like the Ashley Express sights, these are an answer to the wrong question: "How can I change my sights to be able to shoot faster?" Well, you can't. They don't exist. If your grip is messed up and your draw is inconsistent, no sight set in the world is going to help you, and if your draw and grip are 'square with the world', you don't need the sights from Bozo's Watergun to hit what you're aiming at. ;)

    Check out Scott Warren's sights. They're simple, accurate, and rugged. Also half the price.

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