Gun for someone who does not train nearly enough.

Gun for someone who does not train nearly enough.

This is a discussion on Gun for someone who does not train nearly enough. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a friend who does not shoot nearly enough. He owns a Hi-power copy that lives in his drawer, that is mainly for home ...

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    Gun for someone who does not train nearly enough.

    I have a friend who does not shoot nearly enough. He owns a Hi-power copy that lives in his drawer, that is mainly for home defense and the occasional critter (they live in the boonies) I have a few concerns that he does not shoot enough, The safety on his Hi-power is small and hard to work(he also has huge hands), and the 9mm might not be so hot for some critters. With all these concerns I was thinking of getting him set up with a .357 mag revolver, so there would be no small,hard to work safety and It would be caliber he could put both 2 and 4 legged critters down with if he had to. Just wanted to see if I was on the right rack with my recommendations or if anyone had some recommendations ? I am working on getting him to range more so I can fix one of the problems.

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    Ruger SP-101 DAO in .357 - that way you can use .38, .38+P, and .357 - simple manual of arms, utter reliability

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    It's not the weapon, it's a training thing. Take a 2-4 day pistol SD course...well worth the money and time.

    Stay armed...get training...stay safe!
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    Get the SP101 AND the training.

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    For someone with big mitts and rare practice, a revolver might well be just the ticket. But not one of those (relatively) puny snubbies. The Ruger SP-101 with a bit longer barrel might be fine, but perhaps the GP-100 would fit him better. Or perhaps even the Super Redhawk. A shop with a strong selection in Ruger revolvers should have them in stock, so he'll be able to try them all. The frame size, trigger guard area and overall feel changes between them.
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    For home defense and the occasional critter, Ruger Redhawk .44mag with a 4" or 5" barrel. Can load up .44 specials for HD and magnums for the critters.
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    Your friends problem will not be solved by a different weapon. It will just lay in the drawer next to the other one!
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    retsupt99 and Thumper are dead on. There is no hardware solution to a software problem.

    If he sucks with his current gun, he'll suck just as bad with a new one. Instead of convincing him to buy a new gun, convince him to take a class from someone who'll teach him to fight with what he's got.
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    +1 to what Thumper said. On that note I don't train much either I could use a Model 29 to put beside my 40S&W browing HP if anyone wants to donate one.

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    Here's the perfect gun for someone who won't practice:

    G17, G26

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    + 1 on the training. It will make a world of difference. Although, there is nothing wrong with bumping up the caliber if 9mm isn't good enough for some of the game in his area.
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    If he will not train more, have him consider a long gun. Pistols require more skill/ practice to shoot accurately than a long arm. That said, any weapon requires practice.
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    I think the idea behind this thread is somewhat pretentious.

    While I am of course in favor of practice and training, one need not be a gun loving addict like most of us on this thread to be able to use a handgun to defend themselves in their home. I think training is more necessary for CC, but a handgun is not rocket science, and if the guy has one then he is probably familiar with how to use it.

    Some people just don't like to shoot. That does not mean that they are not proficient enough to defend themselves. My Dad probably doesn't shoot a handgun more than once a year, but I guarantee he knows how to use the one he has for HD and you don't want to go sneakin around there and find out.

    Can he shoot bullseyes all day? No. Can he outshoot an IDPA guy? No.
    Can he shoot someone in his house from 20 feet away. Yeah, he can, and so could Mom and she hardly ever shoots, but you hand her a gun and she knows how to use it and can do so proficiently. I'm sure bad guys are shot more often by people whose gun has sat in the drawer for years, than by the "tactical Tommy" types.

    Of course I agree with the OP that revolvers are preferable for the non-shooter types. I'm the only one in my family who cares to shoot autos, becuase my dad, mom and wife are not into handguns that much. They like the simplicity of the revolver and they are all proficient with them at ranges beyond "in the house-self defense" ranges.

    I just think that second guessing what someone else chooses to shoot is a bit strange to my way of thinking.
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    I guess its just concern for my friend and the bi*$h of a safety on that Hi power clone, I even had trouble working it. If the time comes, will he be able to get the job done? I think yes. I just have a bad feeling sticky safety. He does want to shoot more and we are beginning to do so, I was just thinking about making it as simple as possible to do so with a caliber more suited for one of its intended purposes(critters). He also has a birthday coming up too and I have been looking at a few rightly priced .357's, never to many right?

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    A few years ago there was a gunfight a few blocks from my house. Gangbanger came out of his house to talk to someone in a pickup truck. Conversation went bad and they both started shooting at each other - from breathmint distances mind you, with one person confined to the cab of a pickup truck. Over 20 shots were fired. Rounds went into the ground, nearby houses, a few into body panels of the truck. The driver of the truck was struck once in the hand. That was the only injury.

    This is a typical result of shooting a handgun under stress, not only amongst criminals but exemplified by law enforcement personnel with lax training and qualification requirements.

    When you get down to where the cheese binds, don't expect to perform better than half as well as your worst day on the range. A handgun is not a talisman to protect from danger, and while they are simple to use, they are not easy.

    If you want to help your buddy, rather than buying him another gun, take the money and get him a spot in a defensive pistol class.

    The Hi Power is one of the best defensive pistol platforms you could ask for and, while 9mm isn't the most robust of man stoppers, it is a lot less expensive to practice with than .357/.38.

    No one expects to go to the store and buy a guitar and be able to walk into a bar and play a gig with no prior experience. Why do they expect to do the equivalent with a handgun?


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