A tough choice; which snubbie?

A tough choice; which snubbie?

This is a discussion on A tough choice; which snubbie? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As some might recall, I'm trying to "finish up" my collection for a downtime period. I'd like to add one more snubbie to my collection. ...

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Thread: A tough choice; which snubbie?

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    A tough choice; which snubbie?

    As some might recall, I'm trying to "finish up" my collection for a downtime period. I'd like to add one more snubbie to my collection. Just about have the shottie squared away but will pass on a lever action .357 for now That one didn't have enough purpose for me and was all fun,...anyway about snubbies...

    I have a no-lock 642 for pocket carry. Love that. and I have a Ruger SP101 w/3" barrel for .357 action. Now I want something in the middle and that's a pre-lock S&W model 60. I want a 2" barrel but heres the choice.

    Do I get the .38special only version or the .357 version?

    I want the hammer and the all stainless as this will be for IWB carry only, not pocket. I like how it's a bit more compact than the Ruger I have and I like the weight for more practice.

    The .38 special pre-lock 60's appear to have the solid metal blade sight up front but the 60-9 .357 version has a pinned front blade which makes me think it could be swapped out for a night sight or gold bead, etc. I doubt seriously I'll ever want to shoot .357 in it and I know I won't CCW it w/.357 so that would lean me towards the 60-12 or the 60-7 models. I guess all I really care about is that I can shoot +p's through it.

    So, based on that, which of the two model 60's would you pick? Seem's like they always go for between $450 and $500 used. I figure I'll have to buy one on-line as I NEVER see them used in the few gunshops in my area.


    By the way, if you have a pic of your model 60 I'd LOVE to see it!

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    I would get the .357 as I would want to change out that front sight, and I think it may have a better re-sale value if you decide to get rid of it down the road. I think the .357 leaves more options open and you immediately double your list of potential buyers as it shoots both .357, and .38. My 2 cents.

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    I agree with Danimal, get a .357 in whatever flavor you like - it's the best option - and it's why I just picked up Ruger SP101 .357 like your's for my first carry weapon.

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    sounds like you need a 7 shot.

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    I would opt for the 357. I think S&W has a $50 rebate that would apply to a new mod 60, so you may want to consider a new one.

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    S&W makes an adequate snubby in the 642. If you really want a revovler upgrade...go Ruger.

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    38 is the way to go

    You HAVE your 357 platform..THE RUGER ! Go with the 38Spl Model 60. I believe in sticking with the caliber that the weapon was ORIGINALLY DESIGNED for. A Colt Gov't in 45ACP, a Glock in 9mm and a J-frame Smith in 38Spl. !!! GOOD LUCK !!!!
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    All good inputs; I do have have .357 covered with the sp101. I do like how the .357 models 60 has the pinned black sight and full lug as compared to the .38 versions which don't have the full lug or the pinned sight.

    The one I like the best for looks is the 60-9 version. I definitely don't want a lock. I think it's going to cost me around $500 for a top condition pre-lock 60-9 plus the shipping and transfer fee. I don't believe I'll ever find one around here...

    but I'll keep looking

    I won't turn down a great deal on a .38 model 60 just because of those asthetics.

    Thanks for the inputs folks!

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