Just curious as to if anyone carries/shoots/uses/owns etc the Smith & Wesson Model 329 Night Guard (.44RemMag).

I know most here would not consider it a viable BUG, but i have tested a few handloads in .44RemMag that had recoil not much harsher than .45ACP, and distributed in much the same manner. I.E.-.45ACP is more of a arm to shoulder "shove" whereas 9mm/.40 Short&Weak is more of a wrist/forearm "snap", at least IMO.

I am not a supporter of DAO in the least bit. Never considered DA/SA to be any better either. However, I understand the durability and sense of having a wheelgun BUG. The S&W Mod 329 is listed as DA, but has a hammer, so i have to assume it's DA/SA, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

None of the dealers I had an opportunity to visit these last few days have had any in stock, so i had no chance to test it myself. Just want to hear if there are any opinions out there.

**Edit-BTW, i plan to carry CNL**