For those that CC a 9mm, what do you favor?

This is a discussion on For those that CC a 9mm, what do you favor? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have two 9mm pistols. When I decide to carry one of my 9's, it's either a Taurus PT-911, or PT-92. The 911 is more ...

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Thread: For those that CC a 9mm, what do you favor?

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    Senior Member Array Al Lowe's Avatar
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    Mason, MI, USA

    For those that CC a 9mm, what do you favor?

    I have two 9mm pistols. When I decide to carry one of my 9's, it's either a Taurus PT-911, or PT-92. The 911 is more favored by me in warm months as it is smaller and lighter. The 92 is of course a full size pistol, and thus, is a bit harder to hide.

    What do you carry??

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    Bob from Southern New Hampshire
    I ve got a H&K P7 I carry a lot of the time. Also my ASP ( a fully customized S&W 39 chopped and channeled) A Beretta 92F Compact, a Glock 26, and 19 at times as well.
    I rarely carry my full size 92F, although I carried it when I did Close Security for a Firm out of Boston Ma. (everybody carried 92Fs for the Company)
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    I now have two 9mm that I will carry at any time. My Glock 26 is super and my new Para-Ordnance Hawg 9 is beginning to become a close friend.

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    Al - several options but essentially only one that is daily carry last 10 months or more.

    That is SIG 226ST - 15+1 124 GD's +P. Not a whole while back I got a 228 and this could suit too at IIRC 12+1 - save a bit of weight altho normally I like large and heavy!

    I did for some while carry BHP - a fine piece and it could still do carry duty easily as I have a Horseshoe leather rig it sits in well. Yet another old friend could be my aging P95DC - that was mostly sho rig carry way back.

    Oh and one other - which I did carry a coupla weeks when I was unsure about an apparent SIG problem - SW99 - great compact gun - 10+1 - very very easy to conceal and good shooter too - only downside is ergonomics - manual of arms is somewhat specific to that design and it is not quite so instinctive.

    Main pref' tho - SIG!!
    Chris - P95
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    Hello. Very lightly altered Browning Mk III 9mm is my first choice in 9mm belt guns.


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    VIP Member Array Bud White's Avatar
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    Away - Health Problems
    I carry a xd subcompact Very little now.

    My Glock 17 ive been carrying a lot more lately

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    Glock 19 or Ruger P95 for me loaded with Winchester Ranger 127gr +P+ rounds.
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    I will try carrying that CZ 75B here soon just a little to see how I like it.

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    Laurel, MD
    If I were allowed in my State, or when I can right now it's a SIG 239, either IWB or OWB depending.

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    Nov 2005
    My CZ 75D Compact PCR, 14 124g +P Gold Dots....

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    Dec 2005
    Glock 23 with Winchester Ranger-T's 13 shot mag, and one extra mag in the pocket.

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    I am not one to carry a 9mm for my primary but if I did and I'm not saying I wouldn't! I would still stick to a 1911 platform possibly Kimber or a custom and/or a BHP would be a no brainer. To be honest I think I would just get a 10mm DW CBOB and call it good. I also might look at the Beretta's if I did decide to go 9mm.

    My BUG that I still do not have yet (prob will be the R9) is the smallest cal I like to carry. I would be happy with a 9mm BUG but not primary.

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    Can't beat a Glock!I like a model 17.

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    I carry a G19, when Im traveling, and at night. I even plan on getting qualified to carry it at work. I load Corbon 115gr +p.

    I still prefer to carry my 1911 whenever posible.

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    Me, 99% of the time a G26. The rest of the time a 92F.
    Ammo, I alternate FMJ, Gold Dot, and Hydro-Shock.

    What do the rest of you think about the alternating of the rounds?
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