Kimber ultra carry II

Kimber ultra carry II

This is a discussion on Kimber ultra carry II within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; hello all, I've been deciding between a springfield loaded ultra compact and a kimber ultra carry II/kimber eclipse ultra. I'm leaning towards the kimber at ...

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Thread: Kimber ultra carry II

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    Kimber ultra carry II

    hello all,
    I've been deciding between a springfield loaded ultra compact and a kimber ultra carry II/kimber eclipse ultra. I'm leaning towards the kimber at this point because of its slightly smaller size but I'm a little hesitant at this point due to the many negative reviews that I have read about it. It seems that kimber has issues with small 1911s with problems such as ftf or fte. Is this really a major issue or is it that those who have had problems are the most vocal ones online?
    Also about the springfield, I have been unable to find many reviews on it online. If people could shed light on its pros and cons I would appreciate that very much.
    Additionally if people could recommend 1911s that are similar in size I would appreciate that as well. My number one priority for a handgun is its reliability. Thank you

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    I can only give you my experience. I have a new Stainless Ultra Carry II. The only problem I had was with the shells being ejected straight back at me a few times with each mag I shot. My dealer sent it back to Kimber. They adjusted the extractor, did some other work as a courtesy, and I now have over 900 flawless rounds through it and could not be happier with the gun.
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    Kimber Ultra Carry II...

    I have 3 Kimbers & one is the Ultra Carry II with CT grips. I had read about problems with the 3" guns here as well but just had to have the gun when I saw it in the store. My gun has NEVER had any type of malfunction. The only thing I wasn't really crazy about was the trigger. It wasn't as good as my other 2 Kimbers but I had a gunsmith slick it up & now it's great.

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    from Central Florida!

    I have a Kimber Ultra, and it's my EDC...never a problem. It's a great fit to the hand and easy to conceal.
    I love the weapon...and it's not my only Kimber.
    I've heard horror stories of Kimber, and other manufacturers, too...if it's mechanical, it can have problems.
    My Kimbers have all worked flawlessly.

    Stay armed...with Kimber...stay safe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nami View Post
    Additionally if people could recommend 1911s that are similar in size I would appreciate that as well. My number one priority for a handgun is its reliability.
    I have a Kimber Pro (4 inch barrel) which has worked perfectly, but do not have the 3 inch Ultra you mentioned. However, I've had a 3 inch Colt Defender for a couple of years, and it has worked reliably through about 800 practice rounds, always feeding and extracting both ball and hollowpoint ammo. So you might consider the Defender as another alternative in the 3 inch 1911 category. Here is mine:

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    First off ... welcome to the DC forums

    Keep in mind, any firearm manufacturer can have problems with an occasional weapon. With that being said, the more guns a particular manufacturer makes/sells and circulates to the public, the better the chance is for a not quite so perfect gun once in a while, these are the ones you hear about. You rarely hear the good things about them, but, you definitely hear the bad. As far as I'm concerned, all firearm manufacturers will produce a lemon once in a while. I've owned guns for over 40 years and seen problems with many, but most of them were tweak-able and ran fine.

    Kimber makes a very nice 1911. Fit and finish is good and actions are smooth. My every day carry is a Kimber UCII. I love the pistol. Its scary accurate and very easy to conceal. I had a few FTF's while breaking in but after it was broke in, the pistol runs great and I trust my life with it.

    Any semi-auto pistol needs a break in period. Every manufacturer has a break in procedure and that needs to be followed explicitly to create a dependable personal protection pistol.

    The one thing about the Kimber that they have above some of the other gun makers is that the Kimber will hold its value. If for some reason you are not happy with it or have problems that cannot be resolved by Kimber or a local gunsmith, trade it off for something different. The Kimber will hold its value well.

    I love my Kimber's and will continue to buy them.

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    I have had an Ultra CDPII for a couple of years now. I really love the gun and it's one of my favorite carry pieces. (In the winter, probably my main pistol.)
    During the breakin period, I had a few 'hic-ups' where it would FTF, but not many. It also busted a guide rod assembly during a Defense class where we fired over 300 rounds -- rapidly. That was also during its first 500 rounds or so. Now, with probably 2000 rounds through it, it runs like butter!! Even with my reloads!!
    Over on the '1911 Forum', you'll read some real horror stories, yes but you'll find those with any semi-auto. I think Kimber makes a fine pistol with very close tolerances. They are very accurate for a production pistol. --- if you keep them clean, well lubed, use proper ammunition and good magazines, they'll give you years of excellent service!!
    Good luck with your choice!!
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