Beretta PX4 Sub-compact....... shot today & some questions

Beretta PX4 Sub-compact....... shot today & some questions

This is a discussion on Beretta PX4 Sub-compact....... shot today & some questions within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok. Got ahold of a Beretta PX4 sub-compact (9 mm) and finally got a chance to shoot it today. Put about 140 rounds thru it. ...

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Thread: Beretta PX4 Sub-compact....... shot today & some questions

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    Beretta PX4 Sub-compact....... shot today & some questions

    Ok. Got ahold of a Beretta PX4 sub-compact (9 mm) and finally got a chance to shoot it today. Put about 140 rounds thru it.

    Here's some observations... and at the end... some questions that I would like your opinions, experiences if you've had this occur.

    Advantages :
    1) holds 13 shots + 1
    2) Seems to shoot well and clean to the most part.
    3) Operation is smooth and easy.
    4) seems well made, and no FTF or FTE occurrences. Note # 4 question.

    Disadvatanges :
    1) loading the mags without the mag assist... was nearly impossible for me. Spring is very strong, and the cutaways.. make it more difficult. I will have to work with it to figure out a more efficient way to load the mag. The mag shoots out when released, as if it is spring loaded.
    2) It shoots high from the site, consistently.
    3) It's fat... but that's why it gets 4 more shots over an EMP, etc.
    4) I don't like the safety style on it by Beretta, but knew that when I bought the gun.
    5) the mag release button is too short, needs to stick out a little more and would make it easier for short hands like mine to release the mag. However, it would be more difficult to accidentally release the mag.

    Opinion. I normally don't like decocks, how it's designed, etc. It's awkward for me to turn off the safety. However, I found this one easier, maybe from my shooting the Beretta Cougar. I like the Springfield EMP better as far as shooting & accuracy...... because it's slimmer, the mechanics, safety is easier, etc.... .

    Questions :
    1) the ends of my index (trigger finger) finger and thumb were both black from the joint forward after shooting 140 rounds. I've never seen this happen with any gun I've ever had.... not to this extent. Remington UMC bullets were shot, and have shot them in others without this occurring. What the @#$@ is this ?

    2) several people asked the caliber of the gun, because when it went BOOM... it was more like "what the hell are you shooting ". it was 3-4 X's louder than any other 9mm I've shot, and I've shot a bunch. It was "loud". I would rank this equivalent or above shooting a .357 mag. in terms of loudness.

    3) twice : barely even touched the trigger.... and boom boom... 2 unintended rapid shots. I had "no" pull on the trigger to speak of. I mean ... barely touching the trigger. That happened twice. This was sensitive to say the least... a real understatement.

    4) Locked open at one point..... as if the gun was emty.... still a bullet in there. I closed the slide, and opened it to load / eject the bullet. Looked it over well and could see nothing wrong with it. I put the bullet back in the mag, reloaded it, pulled the trigger..... nothing. I sat that bullet aside.
    Then.... when I was finishing up, I put that bullet in again... could see no damage or issues with it at all... and it fired fine.

    Any feedback on these, would be appreciated.

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    was the black on your fingers powder residue,also a gun that seems to have the problems you mention I would be calling beretta about it sounds like it has some internal problems
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    The PX-4 is a little wide but pretty sexy looking. Performance wise I think it needs a DAO trigger.
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    Did you thoroughly clean it first before taking it to the range?
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    Yes... the black... was all powder residue. I've had powder residue from guns... but not to this level. The whole end of my index finger and thumb were solid black. Looking at design, I can't figure out why.

    I have never heard a 9mm so loud either. It would challenge a 45 or 357 mag for loudness. No doubt.

    It shot well, perfect... no issues... except on that one bullet. These mags are not easy to load for me, and mags are always easy to load.

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