Want G33, should I settle for a G26?

Want G33, should I settle for a G26?

This is a discussion on Want G33, should I settle for a G26? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My local gun shop has a G26 (9mm Glock sub-compact) that looks like it has never been fired (I took off the slide and it ...

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Thread: Want G33, should I settle for a G26?

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    Want G33, should I settle for a G26?

    My local gun shop has a G26 (9mm Glock sub-compact) that looks like it has never been fired (I took off the slide and it still had the factory lub).

    I think including 2 mags, price tag $450. Save about $100 from other shops I go to.

    I'm a .357 Sig fan and own a G31 (.357 Sig Glock Standard). A G33 (.357 Sig Glock sub-compact) has been on my shopping list. The G33 would make a good carry, great BUG, and could use the mags from my G31.

    I once carried the G31 Glock. Was just to much to carry everyday (to bulky for work). The G32 would not have been much better. G33 might have worked, but the .38 Spl +P was a better choice. I now pocket carry an S&W Airweight .38 Spl. P+ as my always carry. A sub-compact would be nice in between for when I can carry a little more (extra rounds with a better punch can be a good thing).

    The G33 is my perfect choice.

    Should I settle on the G26?

    Is $450 a good price?

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    I love my G32 in .357 with a drop-in 9mm conversion barrel. Best of both worlds. I'd spend the extra cash and get what you want, otherwise you'll never be satisfied.
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    I shot my G33 this past weekend ,and NO don't settle.
    I just got a G36 (45 cal) and I can tell you the 357sig
    spanks it.
    its hard to beat that power in a gun that small
    I had a new 380 Bersa a new G33 and a new G36 on the table
    and my hand just keep going back to the G33
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    I'd spend the extra cash and get what you want, otherwise you'll never be satisfied.
    I wish that were the case. I went with that theory a while back, and I'm never satisfied, something about always buying more guns... Not sure what causes it, oh well
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    ...I'd spend the extra cash and get what you want, otherwise you'll never be satisfied.

    That being said, I struggle with the same issue only in a different caliber (I have the G22 and want the G27 for the same logic you use with the G33). If you want the G33 and can make a good case for it, get it first. THEN you can start looking at the other stuff you want...

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    $450 is a good price for a brand new Glock according to where I deal. Most basic models are available for $459 NIB w/2 mags of your choice, stock plasctic sights. Don't forget the evil taxes being added to the final purchase! It doesn't hurt to diversify, but you'll need to weigh the pros and cons of each. IMO, sticking with one caliber is good, then on the other hand, going with something a bit cheaper to feed has it's benefit also. The G26 will probably be easier for you to shoot well simply because of the recoil. That's just a guess on my part. Never shot any of the 357SIG Glocks. I'm afraid if I did, I'd be diversifying as well, and should be content to stick with my three different pistol calibers I already have. Not much help am I?

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    IMO that price isn't that attractive. My local dealers put $489 on their basic brand new Glocks -- the different calibers and standard/compact/subcompact sizes all cost the same. And they will come off that another $10-$20 pretty easily. But the sales tax in many states is a major killer.

    Just a thought: if that price is what's making you consider settling for a used 9mm when you really want a new .357 Sig, consider an online dealer like Buds or GunSource.com. Not only will they beat *most* local dealers, but you'll save the sales tax if you live in a sales tax state that is different than the online dealer's state of operation.

    For example, all basic Glocks at GunSource.com cost $440 (cash) + $20 s/h. Credit card price is $461. No sales tax unless you live in the same state as GunSource. So $460 cash, shipped to your FFL who will charge anywhere from nothing (if you know them well) to a nominal fee ($15-$20 around here) for the transfer. So for approx. $480 total you could choose the .357SIG in any size you wanted, new in box, instead of settling for a used 9mm at $450 + tax ($481.50 around here). To me that would be a no-brainer, unless you just had to have the gun TODAY.

    My local dealer sold me a G26 with factory night sights for $539, which was cheaper than GunSource after shipping and transfer fees, but I did have to pay tax which put it over by maybe $10-$15 -- but I had it next day (he had to order it with NS), so it was worth it. Of course I also bought a Kimber Pro CDP from him at the same time, which he also gave me a good price on, so I'm sure that helped.

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    I'm sure there are better prices, but that is about normal for my area of the country... if I had found a used Glock 26 in excellent condition for that price I would have purchased it before buying a NIB 26. The Glock 26 is an excellent option for anyone's collection... very reliable, accurate, light weight and a very light recoil.
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    I'm pretty sure you will never be satisfied with the g26 because you want the g33.If you buy the g26 based on price, you will continue to wonder about the g33. G UESS I'D BUY THE G33 . I have both and they are good shooters---Its just your preference.Let us know what you buy !

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    Oops, was that hk?
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    Thumbs up G30

    get a Glock 30 !!!

    could go on all day about how much I like it.

    small enough to carry and close to full size performance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Hans View Post
    get a Glock 30 !!!...
    So I guess you like the .45

    Everyone loves the caliber they love. For me it is the .357 Sig. I have it down and only get better.

    If I were to buy a .45 ACP, I think I would buy a 1911. Nothing wrong with the Glock .45. At this point, I like the Glock in .357. I need to give the 10mm a few tries. You give up rounds though (and rounds are good to have in SD). The reasons I would want a 10mm are solved by a .44 Mag revolver. So for me, .357 Sig SD, .44 Mag Wilderness. But that is a different issue.

    Several (if not all) of you are right. I'll pass on the 9mm and wait for the gun I want. I think the kick was after reading a few of your posts. What if I waited, keep up the hunt (that is often one of the most fun parts) and looked for a deal on the G33.

    Then it hit me. I would have major buyers remorse if I ever found a G33 at a better price and already bought the 9mm.

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    I also fear that if you get the 9mm, you will miss the Magnum punch of the
    .357 SIG.

    A round that I feel is only eclipsed by the 10mm, but you can't get a baby Glock in 10mm. Just the G29.
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    Get what you really want or you will regret it. I would go with the 33.
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