The Walther PPK

The Walther PPK

This is a discussion on The Walther PPK within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It's such a well-known piece that it probably doesn't need any description to the people on this board. Small, compact, 6 + 1 .380 blowback ...

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Thread: The Walther PPK

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    The Walther PPK

    It's such a well-known piece that it probably doesn't need any description to the people on this board. Small, compact, 6 + 1 .380 blowback automatic. Haven't really thought much about it (besides that I liked the feel) till my g/f said that she loved it and wants one as a carry piece.

    She wants the PPK, NOT the PPK/S...she is OCD and thinks it looks unproportional.

    Hey, if she wants one, she gets one, since it's something she'll shoot and carry, but what do you guys think -- should I order two? Who carries this little pistol as a main piece and feels secure with it?

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    While not my main piece, my PPK is the one I will always grab when I dress light but still want deep concealment.

    Mine's a 1974 German made one that I had Satin Nickle plated years and years ago so it wouldn't rust from sweat. Worked like a charm.
    I rarely clean it, and it's never rusted nor shown wear from the holster.

    You'll get comments about it biting your hand, but I've always liked it and it won't bite if you hold it like you should.

    A keeper in my book.

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    Is the PPK/s just the stainless version of the PPK?

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    I owned two PPKs

    My current one is about 15 years old, made out of stainless. I’ve shot it over 1000 times, and never a hiccup. It’s the only 380 I’ve ever shot that is that accurate.

    The previous PPK purchased back in the 70’s was one of the first PPKs we were allowed to import from Germany. Loved carrying the pistol. Carried it so much I wore the bluing off of it. Thus the reason for trading it in on a stainless.

    Its attributes, include easy to conceal, very accurate, and it never has a hiccup. The 380 round while not a powerhouse like a 45 ACP is acceptable for personal defense.

    Downside; well the only one I can think of is it being a 380, and you would think Walther (now S&W) would come out with a 9 mm in the exact same size.

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    I've owned 2 of the S&W PPK/s stainless models. One was good, one had to go back for repairs.

    My observations:
    1) Easy to conceal
    2) High round count to break in
    3) Ammo sensative - many hollow points don't reliably feed - the feed ramp is steep
    4) Load 1 less than the mag count to prevent misfeeds
    5) Needs maintenance - have to keep it cleaned and lubed

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    Comments on my PPK

    I bought a used PPK .380 about 10 years ago, more as a novelty than any other reason. It is just an attractive little gun, and very flat and concealable. I have shot it at the range for fun, and carried it a few times. Mine is reliable enough, but I prefer to carry a 9mm Kahr MK9, which is about the same size but a better caliber for defense. The Walther also has a rather heavy and stiff trigger compared to the Kahr.

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    I thought about the ppk but decided to get the S & W ppk/s. It turned out to be a good choice. Still brand new but 100 + rounds have gone through it without a problem. The 7 round clip was my decider.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fernset View Post
    Is the PPK/s just the stainless version of the PPK?
    No, the PPK/S has a slightly longer grip to hold one more round. Aside from that it is identical to the PPK.

    They are both available in stainless or blue.

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    I used my PPK in a Defensive pistol match on Monday night. I have not shot or touched it since 2004 when I lived in CA. I had a few failures to fully cycle during the 1st stage. It was dry, I did not touch it in 4+years - I lubed it and it ran perfect thru the remained of the match. It even cleared the bowling pin stage!!!!!!! It has always been dependable and accurate. The only issue I have is the .380 but it is not bad. I finished 10th or 11 th against full size carry guns. Remeber to ALWAYS service your carry / games guns before you use them.
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    I joined this forum and bought a NIB PPK/S all at about the same time. Mines shoots good, it is very thin, it is heavy for its size.

    I really don't carry it anymore, there are just too many other CCW that I consider better. That being said, if you prefer it for your primary carry gun, by all means carry it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wagglebee View Post
    No, the PPK/S has a slightly longer grip to hold one more round. Aside from that it is identical to the PPK.
    Yes. The PPK/S is a PPK slide mated to a PP frame (with PPK-size barrel). The PPK/S concept was adopted to make the pistol large enough to make the required points for import under the Gun Control Act of 1968 (IIRC).
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    Have you thought about the bursa thunder 380? Similar in design but cheaper and better feeling in our (the wife's and mine) hands.
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    I had a Walther years ago and I loved it. After a few years without one I bought a Walther "copy" ,a Daewoo .380. I think its a great concealment piece and a good self defense caliber.

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    I own a PPK and I am happy with it. I got it brand new two months ago.

    The newer models have a longer grip spur, and even with relatively large hands I have never gotten slide bite from mine.

    It is relatively heavy, but man the thing is TINY!
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    I have a Hungarian made FEG in .380 that is a rough copy of the PPK. I say rough in that the machining isnt great. It is a fun little gun to shoot, not very accruate outside of 15 yards, easy to shoot single handed, eats everything it is fed.

    The Dble action trigger is crazy heavy, but the single action is no problem although gritty. I have read where some folks have modified theirs but I haven't. The only modification I have done was when I sprayed Gun Scrubber on the action while cleaning and melted the right side grip, and it left a nice finger print embedded in the plastic. Now it is easily identified as mine. :D

    I like it as I can slip it into my pocket and forget it is there. I keep it loaded w/ Speer Hollowpoints and some Winchester RN silver tips.

    Due to my high grip, I've suffered the bite many times although I never realize it :D

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