Which Glock?

Which Glock?

This is a discussion on Which Glock? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Pleased help. I have some credit at a gunstore in town. For a variety of reasons, I have decided to get a Glock. I went ...

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Thread: Which Glock?

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    Which Glock?

    Pleased help. I have some credit at a gunstore in town. For a variety of reasons, I have decided to get a Glock. I went to the store and fired the 19,26 and 30. I like them all. I can only get one. I like the capacity of the 19, but with capacity, I give up a bit of concealability. I like the concealibility of the 26, but give up capacity. I can always get the 26 and add extensions and 19 mags, but the 19 has the extra sight radius, and the longer slide cuts recoil to almost nothing. Then there is the 30. I liked the 30, and liked the fact that it's 45. But with that I give up the ability to conceal it as well as the 26. I haven't shot the 36, but I hear it's just a skinny 30. I want to stay with either 9mm or .45 as I am trying to keep the different types of ammo all my guns eat to a minimum. I currently carry edc a Colt defender, but she's too pretty to take on a hike or kayaking, fishing, etc.... So I want a gun I can beat up, if it accidently gets wet while kayaking, it will be fine, that kinda stuff. I also plan on carrying it concealed around town now and then when the Defender wants a day off, so I need something simple to conceal in jeans and a t-shirt. with the defender I usually have to wear an overshort, so something easier to conceal the better.

    SO..... Any suggestions between the G19,26,30 or 36?
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    I think, with a bit of work, you would be able to carry the G19 and conceal it well. Just a little bit of re-positioning, and I carry the G19 and conceal it almost as well as my G27 under just a plain 'ol t-shirt. How does the Colt Defender compare in size to the G26........G19? The G30 isn't a bad idea, I just couldn't ever get it to work for me for carry. It was mainly the top-heavy/forward weight/balance in my hand rather than a concealment issue.

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    I only own one Glock, a 19.

    I've owned others over the years, but don't drink the Kool-Aide. I've found that with a good Belt and Holster the 19 is as easy to conceal as the 26 unless it's on my ankle or in my pocket.

    What I like about Glocks is their "utilitarianism". It's just a tool, and not a work of art, like a Wilson 1911 or a Bear, Colt or even a Kimber. If I lose my Glock 19 I won't cry over it and I can get parts worldwide.

    Also, 9mm is common ammo worldwide. Good luck finding 45 acp in Hong Kong, BTDT.


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    which glock

    congrads on going with a glock. you might want to flip a coin.
    no just kidding. big question is concealment vs. capasaity.
    i'd go for ethier the 26 or 27. imho. i have the g-27 and just love it.
    good luck to you in you choosing.
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    What about the GLOCK 20/29?

    Power of the .45 Velocity of a 9mm.

    G29's are subcompact and can use the 10 or 15 round mags.

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    I carried a G19 for many a year and for me the subcompact glocks do not conceal as easy as the midsize glocks, G19-G23 Etc.

    The longer length of the G19 helped to hold inself to my body (IWB carry) better then the subcompacts which seem like a large peice of 2X4 and are harder for me to conceal.

    I also shoot the midframes better.

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    The 19 is the better choice IMO. All are good choices, but the 'faults' of the 19 are not faults at all. The 19 can and will conceal just as well and in a lot of cases better than the 26.
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    get the 19...it's not at all hard to conceal with a good holster/belt combo. I carry one year round, including in the summer when I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt.
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    Fella, I own and carry all 3 sizes (mine are in .40). There is not that much difference in size, particularly if you add grip extensions to the mags of the G26. It's your call!

    Remember that most instances of self defense follow the 3/3/3 rule; 3 seconds, 3 yards, 3 rounds. In those cases it doesn't matter what you carry, only THAT you carry and what you carry is reliable. We can overthink it to death. Get what you'll carry!

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    As noted elsewhere:
    • All 9mms should be Glocks.
    • All Glocks should be 9mm.
    • All 9mm Glocks should be the 19.

    Honestly, I like the 19 and 26, but the 19 is the best overall compromise, if you're buying 6 or so mags with the gun now. If its going to be "awhile" (6 months or more)before you can spend another +/- $130 on mags, get the 26, as they will be available and reasonable longer.

    Concealmant is not an issue, if you approach it the same as selecting properly fitting shoes.

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    If you can only get one make it the 19. I agree with Sixto, the 19 can be concealed effectively. If you really want to, you can always get the 26 at a later date.
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    I am happy with the 26, but I also have bought some G19 mags. Right now I can use them in my 26, but if I ever decide to get a 19 I will have full capacity with that too in the event of AWB2.
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    Pick a Glock, any Glock... That said, go with the 19.
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    I love my G31. I have to state I prefer the I prefer the .357 Sig round. I very much want to buy a G33.

    I agree with Sixto and others that the Glock compacts can be a good CC option. I often CC a standard size Glock. But no one could really argue the compacts and standard Glocks are as easy to CC as the subcompacts.

    Given the 3 choices you have listed: the G30 (.45 round packs more power then a 9mm) is nice for CC as it is a sub-compact. Then, for a back up mag use the G21's mag. Best of both worlds IMO.

    However, 9mm do provide space for additional rounds. You did not list it, but the G26 is a nice option (sub-compact, easy CC) and you could use a G17's mag as a back up. The 9mm +P SD rounds pack more then enough power. Thats a lot of solid rounds for SD IMHO.

    Good luck.

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    I have the G32 and G33. The 32 is very concealable, but the 33 is a little more so, especially in the summer. Just depends on what I'm wearing. Get a good holster and gunbelt and you can conceal a cannon with the right clothes.
    You'll rock, with a 357 Glock

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