H&K P2000 sell for Glock 19?

H&K P2000 sell for Glock 19?

This is a discussion on H&K P2000 sell for Glock 19? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I carry a H&K P2000SK with LEM trigger. I also have a H&K P2000 with LEM both in 9mm. I never shoot the P2000. My ...

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Thread: H&K P2000 sell for Glock 19?

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    H&K P2000 sell for Glock 19?

    I carry a H&K P2000SK with LEM trigger. I also have a H&K P2000 with LEM both in 9mm. I never shoot the P2000. My dad is wanting a 9mm and I can sell him the P2000. If I sell it I'm thinking about getting a Glock 19. I don't own any Glocks and I see a lot of 19's mentioned on here.

    Knowing H&K's are more expensive than Glock I'm having a hard time justifying selling a more expensive gun to buy one that has less value. It seems as though this is a step backward so to speak.

    I have an itch to own the 19 and I'm not sure why.

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    HKs are fine weapons, but if they're better than Glocks it can't be by much. The only place where I could see HK being better is if you didn't want a DAO trigger. I love my G19.

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    You have a Mercedes and you're questioning whether you should trade it to a Ford?!!! You should slap yourself! ;-)

    The HK P2000, SK or FS, is a superb handgun. The only criticism I would make is that the LEM's 8# trigger is too heavy. I changed mine (simple spring swap, less than $6 in parts) to the 4.5# pull and am completely happy with the results. The extreme reliability (no FTF, FTE in well, ever) is consistent with HK's well-earned reputation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivers View Post
    You have a Mercedes and you're questioning whether you should trade it to a Ford?!!! You should slap yourself! ;-)
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    Both are good guns. Nothing wrong with having a Glock 19. It is a hard gun to beat.
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    The only advantage I can possibly see in having a Glock over the HK would be parts availability. You can get parts for a Glock anywhere. That would be a tough trade for me though.
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    If you shoot the 19 better, then go for it. If not, stay with what you have.
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    Say what?....HK for a Glock...

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    I don't own an H&K and I don't see myself buying one. I've shot a P7M8. I liked it and I shot it well, but they are very expensive.

    I have a G19 with thousands of rounds through it and ZERO malfunctions. I can hit tight groups out to 25 yards all day long.

    If you already have an H&K and you have an itch to get a 19, then do it.

    The G19 is proven time and time again to be a reliable, accurate and durable carry weapon. All for a decent price.

    Get it.
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    One downside you probably will notice the the natural point of aim will be different between the HK and the Glock. I own a HK USP and will not buy a Glock because I find it is pointed way too high naturally.
    Nothing wrong with either grip angle , but I don't want to have to relearn my grip/ sight picture all the time.
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    I have both a Glock 26 (9mm) and an HK USP fullsize in .40s&w. I almost never shoot the HK nowadays...9mm is just so much cheaper. It is still quite a nice pistol, and if I ever decided to OC I would probably choose it. It is just too big to CC though.

    I guess my point is this: how the gun fits your needs is way more important than whether it is a Glock or an HK. Both are fine guns.
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    Red has a point

    If you have a safe queen you never use and want something you will use why not. And asa plus family sales aren't gone forever if you really miss them.

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    You have a P2000 you don't shoot. Dad wants a 9mm...presumably the P2000. You sell the P2000 to dad & have the cash to purchase what you want...the G19.

    Sounds like a Win/Win to me.
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    I would keep the H&K
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    Its not a step down, but I would make the swap without losing cash.
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