G36 Pocket Carry?

G36 Pocket Carry?

This is a discussion on G36 Pocket Carry? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone pocket carry a G36? I was thinking a 21sf strong side IWB and the 36 weak side front pocket. Suggestions/Opinions?...

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Thread: G36 Pocket Carry?

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    G36 Pocket Carry?

    Does anyone pocket carry a G36? I was thinking a 21sf strong side IWB and the 36 weak side front pocket. Suggestions/Opinions?

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    I cary my G-36 IWB either strong side or SOB...but never in a front pocket...I'm lucky to get my hands in my pockets...

    I use a Fist holster #1A (strong side), and a Fist holster #41 IWB/SOB (palm out over kidney, not over the spine)

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    you front pocket a g36, you gonna be a really big dude !
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmm076 View Post
    Does anyone pocket carry a G36? I was thinking a 21sf strong side IWB and the 36 weak side front pocket. Suggestions/Opinions?
    I have a friend that carries one in the front pocket of his overalls.
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    Never tried,, but I think I will see if it will work. I can get a P3AT in my pockets, but never tried any thing bigger. Might work if you are a big man and have big pockets.
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    I have carried my G-36 in my right front pocket from time to time, if I am wearing my shirt tail out or a long jacket. It actually works better in my right rear pocket. However for me it works best with an inside the waistband holster tucked in the small of my back. I know this is not a recommended way of carry, but it works for me.

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    If you're the Jolly Green Giant you will have no problems carrying the Glock 36 in your pocket.

    Us mere mortal beings on the other hand would not be so lucky.


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    I couldnt imagine putting my G36 in my front pocket. No way I would ever sit down. Other than that....its a sweet little .45
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    I have an Aholster (kydex) pocket holster for my model 27, which I occasionally pocket carry. Because the G-36 is actually thinner than the 27 it can be carried in my pocket, in the same holster, in some of my pants with large pockets. The grip is a bit visible if I pull my shirt tail up. It's only a little uncomfortable while seated.

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    I have a G36 and I would never even dream of putting it in my pocket. Just my .02


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