How do you feel about the...

How do you feel about the...

This is a discussion on How do you feel about the... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How do you feel about the Taurus Ultra-Lite .32 Magnum as a ccw gun for my 110 pound 5'3" wife? I am also looking at ...

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Thread: How do you feel about the...

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    How do you feel about the...

    How do you feel about the Taurus Ultra-Lite .32 Magnum as a ccw gun for my 110 pound 5'3" wife?

    I am also looking at the S&W 642 .38 revolver as another alternative to the Taurus.

    These guns are based on what she has held in her hand and feel comfortable holding.
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    My wife and I have toyed with the idea of the .32 mag for her EDC.
    We have decided to go with the .357 instead. She will carry with .38 special and we will have the .357 for range fun. This decision was based on availability of ammo.
    The next decision is whether to go with the Taurus PROTECTOR MODEL 651 or the S&W Model 649 Bodyguard. I would prefer to go with S&W but don't see any quality issues with the Taurus. I am just a Smith Guy
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    Holding is one thing, shooting is another. IMO, your wife needs to shoot some, and check out more. Anything in particular against semi autos?

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    Although the .32 mag can be used as a viable CC gun, there are better calibers that would suit her better. I'd go with a .357 mag, that gives her the option of 2 calibers (.38 or .357) in the same gun. The more important question is how she feels about it. Let her shoot different guns and see what she is most comfortable with and let her decide which one she wants to carry.
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    If it is going to be her gun, let her choose!

    I would suggest a more standard caliber like a 38 or 357/38 because both companies have both options. Mainly due to cheaper and easier caliber to find and shoot.

    But in the end, if she carry's it more because of this then it is a win-win. Hope this helps.

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    I think most of us could safely guess that his 100 lb wife won't be blasting a lot of .357 rounds out of a J-frame.

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    I agree let her choose the gun since it's going to be hers. If possible let her
    shoot some of these guns with different calibers. A 32 is an anemic round
    for carry.I wouldn't let anyone I love carry anything smaller than a 380 and then
    I would be hesitate with that.My wife carrys a j framed 38 revolver and she wants a 9mm semi because of round capacity.

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    My .02 is don't even think about one of those ultra-lite revolvers unless she intends on pocket or ankle carry - not even a .38 and definitely not .357. The .32 H&R Magnum is a good round, with less recoil, but is pretty expensive to shoot for practice. I would steer her towards a steel 38/357 weighing at least 18-20 oz - maybe something like a six round SS Rossi 462.
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    You could also check out charter arms and see if she wouldnt mind the 327 magnum, has a lot more punch than a 32mag and a lot less recoil than a 357 magnum.
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    I don't think its a bad idea. Go for it.
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    Find a range that rents... have her shoot any she is considering for herself... it's the only real way to tell if they work for her... if you don't you will regret it... you can, and will, learn a lot about a gun by shooting one.
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    The are a thousand or more models of 9mm Pistols, have her find one of those she likes, enough Ammo selection possible to suit anybody.

    Practice with white box, carry a good hollow point that shoots to same point of impact.

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    I too say let her go for it if she likes it and shoots it. A S&W model 36would be my first choice for her as it is what my wife carries and she shoots it well. Accuracy is #1 priority. Start her out on a LW 38/357and she will develop some serious flinching skills. We can set and argue the best man stopper round but a hit to the head, heart or lungs is not going to know much difference from a .32 or a .38. No controls to confuse her with either. I carry my 36 alot and feel very comfortable with it. Practice with her and practice some more. Buy the WWB for practice and a semi wadcutter for carry. JMO
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