For you that pocket carry a S&W 642...

This is a discussion on For you that pocket carry a S&W 642... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does the 642 carry well in the pocket? I normally wear blue jeans, maybe slightly loose. Does the gun print bad, or get uncomfortable when ...

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Thread: For you that pocket carry a S&W 642...

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    For you that pocket carry a S&W 642...

    Does the 642 carry well in the pocket? I normally wear blue jeans, maybe slightly loose. Does the gun print bad, or get uncomfortable when sitting? Also, does anyone carry it in a pocket holster that is square or rectangular (I guess wallet type) on the outside to prevent any printing at all. One more question. Do standard blue jean pockets hold up to guns this size, or do some of you re-enforce the pockets?

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    In jeans, the backstrap of my 642 is just visible. I find jeans too restrictive to pocket carry the 642; in jeans I drop down to a Ruger LCP or Keltec P3AT. I do pocket carry the 642 in dockers type pants and favor a pleated front + good pocket holster to prevent printing.

    If you're really a big guy with big jeans you might get away with is but a lot of guys find the jeans a bit of a squeeze for the 642.

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    If you wear your jeans tight then pocket carry is restrictive. I wear a looser fit, but not baggy GAP jean and carry my 442 in a Kramer pocket. IMO the Kramer is the only pocket holster to get. Backstrap is just visible, but I never tuck a shirt. My pockets have held up without reinforcement.
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    I've not had my 642 long enough to tell you whether the pockets will hold up or not. I think that any decent pocket holster will distribute the weight just fine, and pocket wear will not be a problem.

    I carry in the front pocket of bdu cargo pants, Carhartts, and jeans just fine. The cargo pants definitely work better, but the others work too. I can't imagine the gun would work with tight jeans.

    As for printing-- there's lumps and bulges, but it doesn't look like a gun. Small autos, when they print definitely look like guns. Revolvers don't. That said, I used to worry about printing. I don't anymore. People just aren't looking and don't care. On the other hand, I'm so good looking, that nobody ever looks below my face!

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    I pocket carry a S&W 640, using a Mika holster. I wear docker and cargo pants, and levi's. I don't tuck in my shirt. I do have a strong belt and keep it tight. I have had zero problems, and being a retail store owner, no one has ever said anything. The gun comes out of the pocket very fast and the holster stays put. It is a good combo for me and I carry all the time.

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    I wear cheap Wrangler cargo pants from WW. They are made with pretty generous pockets and they don't fit tight. I can easily cc a 642 and I often carry a G27 (both in holsters of course). It pretty much fills up my pocket but they really don't print. YMMV
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    I have a 340 M&P that is essentially the same gun. It's my 'summer carry' pistol and ---- yes ---- it's light enough and small enough to carry in a deep, loose pocket of a pair of shorts comfortably. I use a DeSantis 'Gunhide' holster and it works just great!!
    Levis or 'Jeans' can create a problem. Unless they are loose fitting and have a deeper pocket than most, pocket carry is difficult. I'd rather use a stiff belt and an OWB holster with an overshirt of some kind than try to draw from a 'tight' pocket.
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    Most of my jeans have pockets large enough to pocket carry my 642 comfortably. I consider the 642 to be my go to gun when I just can't carry my G-36 or G-27, both of which I often pocket carry also. However, regardless of which gun I carry, I ALWAYS have my Ruger LCP in my weak side's easier to draw the LCP than reloading if the need arises.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hihosilver View Post
    Does the 642 carry well in the pocket? I normally wear blue jeans, maybe slightly loose. Does the gun print bad, or get uncomfortable when sitting? Also, does anyone carry it in a pocket holster that is square or rectangular (I guess wallet type) on the outside to prevent any printing at all. One more question. Do standard blue jean pockets hold up to guns this size, or do some of you re-enforce the pockets?

    I pocket carry a 637 with CT grips in a Mika Pocket Holster. When I'm not at work I wear jeans. Mostly, I wear Southern Thread or Cinch jeans, what most people not from Texas would consider fitted or tight. My 637 disappears in my jeans. The "print" if you can call it that looks like I'm carrying a wallet in my front pocket or a small pocket flashlight. Frankly, my safariland speedloader prints more than my 637 even in tighter jeans. I think its really all in the pocket holster. My desantis nemesis only works in cargo pants or shorts, if I wear it with jeans it screams "snubnosed revolver".
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    I carry my 642 in a Nemesis holster in my Levis 550 front right pocket with no problems
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    642 is the "always" gun when I can't carry my XD40. It works well in most pockets as long as they are deep enough. I make sure to check that when purchasing new pants. I use either a Nemesis or Mika Round Cut depending on the shape of the pocket bottom. While the cylinder is round and thicker than a small auto, I feel the rounded shape helps it conceal a letter better, IMO.

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    I sometimes pocket carry my 642 in my Levi's 505 jeans with a DeSantis Nemisis holster - I'm 6 feet tall and weigh 165 pounds. No printing though it looks like the pocket might be full - as both of mine usually are anyway. I have no problem sitting, driving, working, etc. Only thing is looking down inside the pocket I can discern the backstrap of the 642, though I doubt anyone else would come to that conclusion (unless they have experienced this also). Other times I carry in an IWB tuckable holster (at about 3:30) and it's tough to detect it - even for me. I just ordered a SmartCarry holster today to give me some more options. Good luck with your snub.
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    505 jeans, average build, rkba pocket holster.

    There's a bulge but nobody can tell unless they really know what to look for.

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    Like many others on this tread I carry my 642 CT in my front pocket in a Nemisis it doesn't print no matter if I am wearing jeans, dress pants, or my favorite work wear Propper Tactical pants. The best gun any of owns is the one we have with us when we need it. More than likely it will be my 642.

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    I pocket carry my 642 in Levi's carpenter's jeans, it fits just fine and drawing is smooth. I use an Uncle Mike's pocket holster, I think it's the #3 model. I've tried a couple holsters with square bottoms and to me they push the grip to far "inboard" to get a comfortable hold on for drawing - I prefer a rounded bottom edge on my pocket holsters (Robert Mika makes both styles).

    There are a few convertible style holsters on the market that have detachable shields, the idea being to attach the shield for back pocket carry and take it off for the front pocket. The back pockets of my Carpenter's jeans are way too shallow for the 642 and about half the grip sticks up above the pocket.

    The printng effect in my front pocket is one of things where I can see it and it looks HUGE but I've asked my wife and she said it doesn't show that badly. It doesn't really look like a gun in my pocket, just like I'm a typical 6 year old with my pocket stuffed with crap.

    I've always thought the comfort level while pocket carrying was fine. No discomfort while sitting or any other time. For reloads, I prefer Bianchi Speed Strips, no printing and it's easier to carry several reloads. I can fit up to two horizontally in the small coin pocket of my carpenter's jeans or one strip vertically in the coin pocket of my Levi's 550 - though in those jeans I carry the gun IWB. I save my speed loaders (Safariland) for the jacket pocket.

    The 642 is a pretty lightweight gun at 15oz., that's what makes it work so well for pocket carry. I haven't reinforced any of my pockets and haven't noticed any extra wear from it. It wouldn't be hard to reinforce the pocket stitching if you decided to do it though.

    If you're considering buying a 642 or other J-frame, I highly recommend it. They're incredibly handy to have when you just want to toss one in your pocket and run out the door. It's what I carry when I know I'm going somewhere that I'll have to disarm, like the doctor's office, Post Office, etc..
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