Kudos to Ruger and their SR9

Kudos to Ruger and their SR9

This is a discussion on Kudos to Ruger and their SR9 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I was quite dissapointed in the fact that I had to return my SR9 to Ruger after the safety recall. However, I couldn't be ...

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Thread: Kudos to Ruger and their SR9

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    Kudos to Ruger and their SR9

    So I was quite dissapointed in the fact that I had to return my SR9 to Ruger after the safety recall. However, I couldn't be happier with the work that they did, the new design of the trigger and the customer service that I recieved.

    Lets start with the customer service. I knew what I was potentially getting myself into when buying a new handgun that had not had a few years to get all the kinks worked out, but their simply wasn't another pistol that fit my hands and pointed as naturally as the SR9 does for me. That said, I wasn't too surprised to have Ruger knocking on my door with a recall notice. My biggest concern was how long I would be without my pistol (yes I have backups, but this is my main piece that I have practiced practiced practiced with). Turns out that Ruger payed to have the gun shipped overnight both ways and after sending it out on the 6th, I recieved it 5 days later on the 11th. I certainly thought that was quick. Also in the box that my SR9 returned in was nice Black Cap to wear and a free magazine for my trouble! Heck, after the hat and more importantly the magazine, I felt like i was getting a deal.

    Ruger returned to me a better product. The new trigger is awesome! I honestly believe that this pistol is by far the best on the market for the money. The trigger was the only aspect of the gun that I originally was disapointed with, but now its great. For a striker fired platform this trigger is great and is breaking in very nicely after ~200 dry fires on a dummy cap. Take up is considerably less and the break is much cleaner with much less over-travel. At this point I would say it is as good as my dad's M&P.

    I write this post mostly to get some street-cred out for the SR9. I really believe this is an excellent pistol, especially for the price. still no failure-to-fires or failure-to-feeds after a year of heavy use (i would estimate 3,000 rounds down range). Great slim design allows a skinny guy like me to carry a full size auto with ease (32" waist, 5'11" 150lbs). And it's also made in the USA by a company that truly seems to want to please its customers and uphold its reputation for reliability. Go Ruger!
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    I agree and would say exactly the same thing s about the customer service . I have yet to put over 200 rounds through mine yet but i am anticipating the trigger change for me as well. I guess I could do some dry fire to speed up the process. Ruger puts out great products.
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    I am in process of sending mine back. It's in the box and gets shipped out tomorrow. My daughter's father-in-law bought a new one about 2 weeks back and having shot his, I am looking forward to getting mine back. The new trigger is a whole lot crisper, maybe even better than the XD.

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    My better half picked up the OD one today, saying the slim grip and backstrap just felt good in the hand. I confess I am pretty interested in trying it out. Do you all carry yours?
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    Bought my OD SR9 about three weeks ago (a new, after the recall, model) and have several hundred rounds through it with nary a problem. I do carry it concealed and have used a paddle holster by Don Hume and have also carried it in a Smart Carry. Both methods work exceedingly well and if one carries an extra mag one can conceivably carry 31 rounds which is, by any measure, a bunch. I have a number of striker fired pistols and, by far, this is the best trigger of all of them. Not a 1911 trigger of course but not much take up and a really, really crisp let off. LIke it a lot!

    The pistol is light, reliable, and easy to carry concealed. What's not to like?
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    Same here. I have 800-900 rounds through mine with no problems whatsoever. Yes, I carry it IWB.
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    Dairycreek, how do u like that Don Hume paddle. Does it keep that SR9 tight to the body. Does it stick out alot like the fobus or blackhawk serpa kydex? Thanks

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