Airweight S&W

This is a discussion on Airweight S&W within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm wondering, because of the light weight, just how rough these pistols are to shoot? Seems like they would be hard to control, and pretty ...

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Thread: Airweight S&W

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    Airweight S&W

    I'm wondering, because of the light weight, just how rough these pistols are to shoot? Seems like they would be hard to control, and pretty peppy.

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    Suprisingly, to me, the recoil is not that bad. Now it does have some spunk but with a good grip and stance very controllable.
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    Depends...on what round you are shooting.
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    I have seen it blister a soft hand after a box of +p (wood grips)
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    IMO recoil control and sensitivity depends on the shooter. A .38 Airweight has a little snap but it's not uncontrollable. They are meant to be carried a lot and shot a little.
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    With some practice and getting used to, they are controllable, but I'd not shoot .357 mags.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paladin132 View Post
    I'm wondering, because of the light weight, just how rough these pistols are to shoot? Seems like they would be hard to control, and pretty peppy.
    All the little light .38's do have some recoil! However, you must remember their place as a SD handgun. They are ment to be carried comfortably, and easily, while still giving you the ability to defend yourself in a deadly confrontation. I own three at present, and have owned several down through the years. I have found that with practice they will get the job done. They are "pretty peppy", as you say, but are not that hard to control for me. My wife on the other hand perfers the SP101 stoked with .38's. The heavier weight gives less recoil, but she will not shoot it with .357's, she says it's just too much, and really hurts her hand.
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    I am a fairly new owner of a S&W Model 642 and to be honest I was unable to discern the difference in recoil between the 642 and models 60 & 640; all with the same stock grips and .38 ammo. Since I'd only had experience with semi's before (and very limited experience at that) the challenge with the 642 was getting used to the firing with a short barrel and the heavier trigger weight. I had gun store staff telling me that the kick would be too much and I wouldn't be able to shoot more than 20 rounds at a time - they were suggesting I get a 640 - but I'm very happy with the 642. I am breaking it in with 50 rounds each trip to the range and am finally getting used to the trigger (took 3 trips) and can shoot 5 rounds in a matter of seconds getting COM at 7 yards with no problem. I've now started carrying it and because of the size and weight I have easy and quick options - IWB, pocket, and now SmartCarry.
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    Once, while at the range, the man shooting in the next booth asked if I'd like to try his new lightweight revolver.....
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    I notice a 1/2 full box of full-blown 44 mag on the counter and beads of sweat across his forehead.....I smiled and said, "thanks, but no thanks", and went back to my Hammerli sweat on my brow.....why won't they practice with something that won't hurt so bad...?
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    S&W 329 26 oz. empty and it is an N frame..... lightweight ? ....airweight ? Don't think so. My S&W637 weighs 15 oz empty. But I get your point about practicing with a hand cannon and pain. Still......... if that weapon is what makes him feel secure and prepared, then by all means he should practice with that hand cannon until he can hit where he aims. Pain (and sweat) or no pain.

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    I have a 442 that is rated for +P ammo. It's an accurate little revolver and the recoil is not bad at all with the rubber boot grips that came with the gun.
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    I got an Airweight. It is controllable, but not a "fun to shoot" gun. As others said, it is meant to be an easily concealable self defense gun. In that roll, it is perfect. Just make sure you shoot +P ammo at the range, so you are not surprised if you shoot it in a SD situation.

    (I got mine with a laser. I think for these small barrel guns the laser makes a difference)
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    It really is an individual thing

    Quote Originally Posted by bameroni View Post
    I had gun store staff telling me that the kick would be too much and I wouldn't be able to shoot more than 20 rounds at a time - they were suggesting I get a 640 - but I'm very happy with the 642.
    This is so individual. Ask me and ask my son, and you get two completely different comments. He is younger (obviously), stronger (by far), and can't stand this for more than a few shots. It doesn't bother me at all.

    There is a reason there are so many different makes and models of gun on the market. Different strokes for different folks.

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    I have a S&W 642 and shot it straight out of the box to qualify for my CWP. I did NOT use +p ammo. I used a good mid-grain and had NO trouble handling it whatsoever. Since, according to the statistics that members quote, most SD encounters occur within 21 feet or less, I think a good mid-grain load is more than sufficient to gain a BG's attention. IMO of course.
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    IMO, a great light weight carry option, but... not a range gun... therefore, not a gun I was willing to keep... I believe you need to practice a lot with each before they really become a gun I'm willing to carry.
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