Taurus Warranty?

Taurus Warranty?

This is a discussion on Taurus Warranty? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anyone have any experience with Taurus' warranties? I have a Gaucho (sp?) .45 LC and the transfer bar has somehow broken. Probably from the countless ...

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Thread: Taurus Warranty?

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    Taurus Warranty?

    Anyone have any experience with Taurus' warranties? I have a Gaucho (sp?) .45 LC and the transfer bar has somehow broken. Probably from the countless dry fires, what can I say? Single Actions are fun! And .45 LC is expensive. Anyway... thoughts? Comments?
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    Taurus Warranty

    Taurus warranty is on the gun not the owner gun can change 50 hands still will have the lifetime warrany.

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    I own several Taurus gun but I have never had one break so I have no experience with their service department.

    I have however read several accounts that do not fill me with warm thoughts about their service and reapirs department.

    I wish you luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TN_Mike View Post
    I own several Taurus gun but I have never had one break

    Well thats got to tell you something mike I hav several also and haven't been let down yet. as for horror stories about thie sevice dept? they offer a lifetime warranty every manufacturer will have a bad one slip once in awhile but i guess we have been fortunate.

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    Several "Tauri" in the family, and never a mechanical problem with any of them (though Mrs.Rotorflyrs PT111 didn't like a cheap after market mag I picked up for it, but that's not a Taurus issue per se)

    As for the horror stories you hear about their customer service...........there isn't a manufacturer out there that you won't find negitive stories about (and more often then not it seems that the stories are of the "my brothers co-workers sisters cousins husbands friends wifes brother-inlaw had a problem with.........)
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    I had a Taurus .44 mg with 8 3/8 fully ported...
    The cycliders were not polished well and removing fired brass was next to impossible. Sent it back and 2 weeks later got it back... Mirror polished and was never a problem after that.

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    They have a good warranty. Took a month to get my pistol fixed.
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    Maybe they have improved since I dealt with them last, but a few short years ago their Lifetime Warranty meant they had a lifetime to fix it, and a lifetime to send it back.
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    Bought my second(and last) Taurus last summer. It was a P-25 and looked just like the P-22 I'd had for a couple of years which has always worked fine. LOOKED fine but...
    Failure to feed.
    Failure to fire.
    Failure to extract(no extraxtor.)
    Magazine fell out about every third shot.
    Safety went on often while firing.
    Accuracy was terrible but that may have been operator error because driver was concentrating on making it run rather than steering the thing. As to the rest, I was used to firing its 22 twin so those things weren't my doing. The gun did it.
    It took about three months to come back from the factory. I'd thought they would just replace this lemon but instead they fiddled with some of the issues and ignored the rest.
    This POS promptly left my possession.
    Such a gun is supposed to be for saving your hide in an emergency but this was like a fire extinguisher that turned into a flame thrower.
    A *$@%) gun is supposed to *&%# shoot.
    If you need customer service you'd better buy another gun for the waiting period and if you need a taurus to save your hide may God help you.

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    Very positive experience with a Taurus warranty repair 18 months ago - 3 week turnaround. It DOES happen.

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