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    Question EEA Witness

    Does anyone carry the EEA Witness? I just saw the add in one of the gun magazines and I am looking for info on them. Just wondering about quality, how they shoot, and holster options. Also where can you buy them, I have never seen them in gun shops. your feedback is appreciated. Thanks

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    Full Size


    I have a Full Size Steel 9mm that I carry occasionally. I predominately use it for IDPA & TSA. It is a awesome shooting gun, the quality is excellent and you can't beat the price. I have 2 holsters for it... a OWB DOH Blade Tech and a IWB Fist #21 (kydex covered with leather). I havent seen them in gun shops around here either, but after shooting a few at TSA I ordered mine from Impact Arms online and had it shipped to my local gun shop. It was a smooth experience for buying the first time online. *scared me a bit at first*. My advice is get it... its a great gun and to tell you the truth I'm going to get one of the compact 45's here very soon. Their a bit bigger than my S/A Micro Compact and would like one thats right in the middle.

    Good luck
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    My Instructor uses his for IPSC and loves it.

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    I own 2 Witnesses, and have a friend who has another.

    I like them, they have great ergonomics, fit my hand very well, and they shoot well.

    I have a 9mm Fullsize, and 45 Compact, both polymer framed. I CC the compact.

    In Texas, they can be had at the gun shows from Bachman Pawn and AJC Sportshop ( - none on the web, but call).

    They are Italian imports manufactured by Tanfoglio. Service from the importer (EAA) sucks, but haven't needed anything from them, as mine have been flawless.

    Both of mine have been used in IDPA competition and with the exception of one bad magazine for the 9mm, have been flawless in competition, and far more accurate than I can be.

    When the 9mm was shot from a Ransom Rest at 15 yards, a 20 shot group could be covered by a quarter, with the exception of a flier caused by a user glitch with resetting the rest.

    The Tanfoglio weapons sold in Europe are used by the European Champions, and other world-class shooters.

    I have no affiliation with the company or vendors, just a satisfied user.

    (ETA: Duh, that's my compact in my avatar, in a holster I made...forgot what my avatar was!)
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    They're a CZ clone, very accurate, but customer service leaves lots to be desired.

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    I have the full size, all steel Witness 45. Very accurate, reliable but a little bigger in the grip than I like for cc.

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    I have two, the 9mm and .45, both full size. Accurate, strong, easy to clean, can change calibers on the same frame, what's not to like? I would like to have a few more!
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    If your interested in the Witness, I'd suggest the CZ over it. Same design, better made and better customer support.

    The Witness or CZ is a very underrated pistol, I'm sure it will serve you well. It is a touch heavy for carry, but it does make up for that in being a pleasure to shoot.
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    I carry a EAA 9mm. Check my thread here for more info.

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    I currently own a full-sized, steel framed and Wonderfinished Witness in .38 Super. The trigger pull needs some work and I really don't like the sights. Despite that, its nice and accurate.

    I used to own a blued steel full-size 10mm. That one could have been a great gun, but the rear sight used to have a bad habit of coming off the slide due to recoil, and the trigger pull was horrible. Two standard capacity magazines I had with the gun were also defective. I'd like to get another one though as the gun really handled full power 10mm rounds really well....rear sight not withstanding.
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    I've had a full size 40 for some time. It is consistantly the favorite gun of neophytes when I teach handgunning. It works all the time. I plan to get a 10mm soon.

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    Carried a CZ for a while, had to sell it to fund other purchases. I miss the gun, but do not regret the sale.

    I'm still looking at possibly ordering in one at work.
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    I have a pre-witness Tanfoglio BTA90 in 9mm that I sometimes carry. It has been very reliable and as accurate as I am. My only complaint is that it is a bit heavy. I was carrying it all day while deer hunting the other day, and by the end of the day, I could definitely feel the weight on my right hip. My other two carry guns(Colt Detective Special and S&W 457) are both lighter. I have no experience with the newer Tanfoglios, so they may be a bit lighter.

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