Major Props to Springfield Armory.

Major Props to Springfield Armory.

This is a discussion on Major Props to Springfield Armory. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If I had 3 thumbs they'd get em pointing straight up. Few weeks back took my Ultra Compact to the range. Figured I had neglected ...

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Thread: Major Props to Springfield Armory.

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    Major Props to Springfield Armory.

    If I had 3 thumbs they'd get em pointing straight up.

    Few weeks back took my Ultra Compact to the range. Figured I had neglected the old gal being that I've aquired 2 new pistols in the last few months and had been shooting them almost exclusively.

    Anyhow, dusted her off and loaded her up. Click, failure to return to battery. Time after time. I'm thinking ???? what could have happened.. She ran like a clock before she turned into a safe queen. Seriously out of a full box, I probably had 40 failures to return to battery. Finally after the 3rd or 4th break down for inspection I find my problem. Mechanical wear on the barrel lugs and the slide lugs. Gun would prematurely lock up, even empty. Roughly a 1/4 inch of barrel exsposed from the slide. A small press on the tip of the barrel back towards the chamber and the gun would return to battery.

    Rather than trying to smith it, I called Springfield. They said to send it back. Wrote a couple paragraphs explaining the issue with my hopes they could resolve the problem. Also, asked for them to quote me the cost of a new barrel, as I've shot a ton of ammo through this gun, and I bought it used. Judging from the rifling, and the slide to frame looseness, it would be a good wager to assume this pistol had fired more rounds than all my other weapons combined.

    Back on point.. Sent it in. Got it back just over 2 weeks later. AMAZING turn around time. Pop the box open and read ther invoice, my jaw drops.. First line of the parts section:

    1911 .45 Ultra Compt Ramped BBL SS.

    Yup. They gave me a brand spankin new barrel. Stainless even, when mine had been blued.

    They also completey replaced my recoil assembly. Was a 1 peice, 1 spring, short rod setup. Now its a 2 piece, 2 spring, full length rod setup. Incredible.

    Honestly I just expected them to turn down the extremely sharp edges on the barrel locking lugs, and send it back to me. Something I almost attempted to do myself, but thought better. Not in 100 years would I have thought they would have completey replaced the recoil assembly, not to mention giving me a brand spanking new stainless barrel!

    has come early this year it appears!

    A huge THANKS to the gang at Springfield Armory. You've taken a happy, satisfied customer; and turned him into a estatically happy, satified customer!
    I work to buy guns. Not really, but sometimes it feels that way..

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    Good deal, happy to hear that they are taking care of you.

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    What a great deal! Glad they did such a fine job. Happy days are here again!

    -"I may get killed with my own gun, but he's gonna have to beat me to death with it, 'cause it's going to be empty." -Clint Smith

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    Cool , I have yet to try out their CS since buying my SA Champ a few years ago.
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    Sounds like a great experience.


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    Thanks for sharing, it's always good letting others know about your good experience, hopefully people will let others know so springfield can reap the benefits of being customer oriented.
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    Your testimony is one of their best advertisements.
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    My experience with them has been OUTSTANDING.... and I can't say that about some of the other companies at all.

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    I'm not the least bit surprised. Springfield sets the mark for customer service. The Internet is full of great stories like yours about Springfield Armory. Congratulations on deciding to buy a Springer.

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    Nice to hear of such a good experience. Most of the time all we read about are the negatives. Thanks for sharing.
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    Other companies should take note here...they won't...but it is comforting to know that this kind of customer service still exists.

    Stay armed...enjoy the 'new' weapon...stay safe!
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    Thank you for posting this, as it is very nice to hear about the good experiences.
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    Glad SA treaded you like a loyal customer, as it should be. Gun owners are some of the most loyal brand purchaser out there and a good firearm maker should allways do right by you. Glad they did, wish they all would.
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    Now that is service! I always knew Springfield was a great company with good customer service, but this steps it up by a lot.

    That is great to hear!
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    I'm a Springfield Armory fan for sure. I bought a loaded gov't sized 1911 used and the accuracy just wasn't what I was expecting... I sent it in for them to look at, since it was my first 1911 and I knew nothing about them... I even told them I bought it used and I expected to get a call about what it would cost to tune it.

    Got it back in 2-3 weeks - they recrowned the barrel and fit the barrel, bushing, slide, etc. for free. The gun was noticably tighter and I swear the trigger was tuned too. I got it back with a target with a 3 shot group @ 25 yards with the shots all touching...

    I know if I ever have a problem they'll take care of me.
    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

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