Finally got my M&P!!

Finally got my M&P!!

This is a discussion on Finally got my M&P!! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I bought my M&P compact .40 yesterday and (after cleaning etc.) put 150 rounds through it at the range. I have read some complaints about ...

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Thread: Finally got my M&P!!

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    Finally got my M&P!!

    I bought my M&P compact .40 yesterday and (after cleaning etc.) put 150 rounds through it at the range. I have read some complaints about the trigger being a little "gritty," and mine definitely is. Does anyone know if this will smooth out over time or do I need to have it worked on? Also I had 3 FTFs. I was shooting Speer Lawman 180gr and I can't remember the other brand, but it was also 180gr FMJ. Should I be concerned? This is my first pistol. Other than those concerns I love it. It feels great and is very accurate right out of the box.

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    Congrats on the .40c.

    My trigger on my 9c was pretty gritty at first - it's gotten much better as I've shot it.

    I wouldn't sweat the failure to feeds until you've got ~500 rounds down the pipe. (I wouldn't carry it until then, either - but then I never carry a new gun until it's had several hundred rounds downrange.)

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    Congrats on the M&P40c! I really enjoy the M&P lineup and EDC an M&P9c. THe trigger will smooth out with use, but you could also have a smith work on it or do a trigger job yourself. I had mine worked on by Burwell Gunsmithing. The DIY M&P trigger job can be found here.

    There are many factors that could result in the FTFs. I wouldn't worry too much about. Clean and properly lube it up and keep sending rounds down range.

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    The 40c is my EDC, had a pretty smooth but crisp trigger right out of the box, it has improved with 1000+ rounds trouble free down the pipe. Your FTF is that feed or fire? Just checking, sometimes people are confused. My brother has big mitts for hands, when he was shooting it there was feeding problems. The only thing we could think of was he was depressing the mag release with thumb at the same time holding the mag in place with his big hands. After working on grip no more problems. I would also try different ammo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JAT40 View Post
    Your FTF is that feed or fire? Just checking, sometimes people are confused.
    It was failure to feed. Yeah I'm still learning all the abreviations

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    On both my M&P 45's the trigger was gritty to start. On my second one, the grittiness disappeared much more quickly because I began dry-firing frequently to maintain trigger discipline. Others have reported dry-firing has help this as well. I use snap-caps as cheap insurance.

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    Congratulations on the new M&P be44321!! I also have the .40c and love the gun. We are looking at getting the 9mm compact for my wife. The trigger will smooth out with time and usage. I did the trigger job described in the link given by eagle5. These were very good directions. I think you will like your M&P more and more the more you use it. They are very nice guns.

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    Congrats on the M&P!!

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    Welcome to the club! I have a M&P 45compact and a 9L (my comp gun). I have yet to have a misfeed or misfire w/ either gun. The triggers deffinately smoothed out after a few boxes of ammo. After about 1,000 rnds through the 9L she really started to shoot nice... Both accurate out of the box.

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    Congrats! I have a 9c and FS45. Love them both. Hmmm, can you love an inanimate object like a gun????

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    Congrats...on your new M&P.

    Stay armed...shoot the 'heck' out of that new friend...stay safe!
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    I have a M&P9c, my dad also has one. Mine has been perfect for about 5000 rds the trigger was "gritty" but is ok now. My dads had FTF and FTE problems for the first 300 or so rds. It has been perfect eversince also about 5000 rds.
    The M&P is a great gun and I will be getting more soon.

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    Sometimes you hear things about guns that sway you away from them.

    While I'd never held a M&P. A couple years ago a guy told me that they were horrible. A trigger WORSE than a SIGMA's.

    Having shot a SIGMA and not liked it. My mind was against a M&P.

    Luckily, this summer my wife forced me to handle one.

    Like the guy that told me the 10mm was a real bruiser.

    The SIGMA trigger fable was just that.

    Nowdays, I prefer my M&P 9C over the Glocks in the house:)

    I hope to sell my two DeSantis M&P holsters (one deal fell thru)
    I'd be able to justify the X2 tactical light to my wife;(
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    M&P 40c are great guns. It is my primary choice for carry needs.

    I have 4000+ rounds through mine with no problems. Verify your not limp wristing the gun by having another shooter try it and see if they have a problem.

    My Double Clip is what I use for mine.

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