Need help picking my carry

Need help picking my carry

This is a discussion on Need help picking my carry within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I recently got my carry permit and am carrying the only handgun I own (a Beretta 21a Bobcat .22lr). I know that this gun has ...

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Thread: Need help picking my carry

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    Need help picking my carry

    I recently got my carry permit and am carrying the only handgun I own (a Beretta 21a Bobcat .22lr). I know that this gun has minimal stopping power, and it's a holdover until I can purchase a new handgun.

    So I think I have it narrowed down to two guns. I'm trying to pick between the Taurus 650 concealed hammer .357 and the Sig Sauer SP2022.

    Here are the variables that might change the decision:
    1) I'm a small guy, about 5'8" and 125 pounds.
    2) I want this to be concealed, very likely IWB. I'm not sure what holster I would use for the Taurus, but I would likely use the MTAC for the Sig.

    I understand that both guns are good, reliable guns. Both are very comfortable in my hand.
    I am leaning towards the SP2022 because of higher capacity, single/double action and the ability to change the slide and barrel to carry a different caliber. But it is a much bigger, heaver gun.
    The Taurus is attractive though, because a revolver is far less likely to misfire. However, the range and capacity are a little more limiting.

    Which one would be best for me? If it's the Sig, should I get it in 9mm, .40 or .357?

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    As a primary carry gun I would go with the Sig. As to caliber, it depends on what your most comfortable shooting and accurate with. The 9mm will have less recoil and be cheaper to shoot. The .40 and .357 Sig are going to have more recoil and cost more to shoot. Availability of .357 Sig could also be a problem.

    BTW Welcome to the forum.
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    Many of us here have used Taurus pistols or revolvers,but have decided to step up to a "higher plane of consciousness"

    The SP2022 is fine if you can conceal it well.
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    If you can pull of the SP2022, it's a fine option. BUT...I'm over 6' tall and small frame, and I have problems comfortably concealing options much smaller than that (just can't seem to keep the butt from sticking out at odd angles).

    I'm not sure what to suggest...perhaps an Airsoft model similar in size to what you're considering to test it out first before investing completely?

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    Since you are looking at SIG, have you looked at/tried the P239? I believe it's smaller and a more popular carry gun.

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    Out of your choices I would go with the Sig. However being a Glock fan I would tell you to look into a 26. Get the Mtac and don't waste time or money looking for the perfect holster. Mtac is the closest thing to perfect w/o the wait or cost IMO.
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    If a gun is not comfortable to wear, you will find yourself leaving it behind when you go out.

    I would go with the revolver. Don't forget you can shoot .38 out of it without any mods.

    I carry my airweight revolver everyewhere not prohibited by law. Even when I am carrying my PT145!

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    If I were looking at guns in your price range, I would look at some of the less-expensive .45s in an officer's (or maybe commander's) model and carry FMJ in them or spend a lot of money in JHPs to make sure they functioned in it. The smaller 1911s would be a good choice because of how flat they are.
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    I would choose the Sig between those two, IF those were the only choices.

    However, with all of the guns in the world to choose from, I would buy one that is American made and American owned. (Neither Taurus nor Sig meets both criteria.)


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    I have Sigs and Glocks in 9mm, 45ACP and 357 Sig. If this is your first handgun for carry I would suggest going with 9mm. First off the ammunition is cheaper and with the defensive loads you can get with 9mm, you will not have any issue with doing damage to the bad guys. I personally find my Sig P228 a bit bulky for carry but do tote it at times ( I must note that this is a sweet shooting 9mm ). I would lean towards recommending you go the route of a Glock 19 and spend the difference in $s on high cap mags and 9mm ammo.
    Just a humble suggestion.

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    Sig over Taurus any day...


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    Of your two alternatives, I would avoid a Taurus of any type based on the poor quality reputation of that brand. Sig is a good brand, but the polymer Sig you mentioned is going to seem fairly bulky when you are accustomed to a .22 caliber Beretta mousegun.

    I'd agree with those who suggest going to 9mm and trying to keep the gun small and slim for easy concealment. I'd suggest as candidates:

    1. Kahr P9 (polymer), K9 (steel), or similar model. (slim, single stack)
    2. Walther PPS (very slim single stack gun)
    3. Glock 26 (double stack, a little wider than above, but 10 rounds)
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    Quote Originally Posted by rstickle View Post
    Since you are looking at SIG, have you looked at/tried the P239? I believe it's smaller and a more popular carry gun.
    Agreed. I know 2 people who carry this pistol and love it. The average price of this is around $630.
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    I thought SIG has a factory in New Hampshire?

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    I agree with Pogo2 about the Kahr P9. It's light weight, easily concealed, single stack, good sights, and reliable. I've put several thousand rounds through mine with NO malfunctions. I wear it IWB in a Bianchi #100 holster.
    Try it, you'll like it!

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