S&W 340M&P owners need advice

S&W 340M&P owners need advice

This is a discussion on S&W 340M&P owners need advice within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm considering buying a S&W 340M&P but need advice from owners of these guns. How do you like you 340M&P? I like that they come ...

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Thread: S&W 340M&P owners need advice

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    S&W 340M&P owners need advice

    I'm considering buying a S&W 340M&P but need advice from owners of these guns. How do you like you 340M&P? I like that they come with an xs night sight and CT laser grips right out of the box. How well do the laser grips they come with tame the recoil on these things?

    Also are the cylinders on these guns titanium or stainless steel? If they are titanium is this a bad or good thing as far as durability goes? thanks for any help guys.

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    Not sure if this will answer your questions but heres my .02 cents. I have a S&W 360M&P which to my knowlage is about 2 oz heavier then the 340. Still light at just over 13oz. I believe the 360 has a stainless cylinder while the 340 is the titanium. I couldnt tell you how that effects its durabilaty. I dont have the laser grips but from what Ive heard they work out nicely both reducing felt recoil and helping aim.

    I was in the same boat as you but went with the 360, my reasons being mostly becasue of money. I love my 360 its a great little gun, heres a website that might answer some of you questions.

    M&p 340 - THR
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    I have a 340 M&P. Mine does not have the laser grips, although I have fired one that did have them. I am not a big fan of laser grips. I do like the "Big Dot" front sight on the gun. Recoil is something to be dealt with when shooting full boat .357 Mag loads. When I first bought the gun, I fired a box of 50 rounds of 158gr. It took a week for the blister to heal and about the same time for the pain to go away. I fired another box of 50 rounds, after healing up again, anothe full box of 50. By that time I was getting accoustomed to the recoil. Now every time I go to the range, I will fire only about 20 rounds. After that I will shoot whatever other gun(s) I brought with me. Almost any other gun will not have the recoil of the 340 and so thay all feel good to shoot.
    The 340 is my primary carry gun in spite of the tough recoil. You will get accoustomed to it.
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    I also have the M&P 340, it has a stainless steal cylinder and I real like the front night sight. I do not have the Crimson grips on mine, the night sight is good enough for me. Recoil is strong, it hurts my trigger finger more than my hand. You might want to call S&W and see if they are going to make it without the lock, as they did with the 642 and some other J frames, that is my only complaint about it.

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    For clarity...the m&p does have a steel cylinder,and a night sight the PD version has a titanium cylinder and red ramp front. My friend who is a forensic scientist in firearms at a state crime lab attached to a state police agency carries this ad his EDC. He says "you could whack you hand w a woden mallet and it would hurt less" He has had sveral rather large state troopers try to fire a whole cylinder of full house SD load .357 and couldnt finish. He is to me very recoil sensitive. But he also has the CT grips which are optional factory for the 340 they are very handy in my opinion and I will probably buy them on mine if I ever buy one. Just some insight.
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    I have been looking at this gun for the past couple of months. I would like to get the 340CT version (stainless cylinder and ctc grips). I have seen reports of the PD versions having the remaining rounds jumping crimp because the gun is so light and the Ti cylinder doesn't absorb the recoil the way the stainless version does. I am also waiting for a no-lock version to come out. I would remove the lock, but I don't want that hole in the side for dirt and lint to get into the action.
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    I have one and really like it. It has been carried in a Mika Round Cut Pocket Holster in my front right pocket almost every day for the last fourteen months. Very light.

    The padded CT grips do nothing to tame recoil. The gun is still going to kick like a mule regardless of the grips on it. I guess the pad does help cushion the blow to the web area of the hand, however, I think CT or S&W could have extended the pad further down the backstrap. As it is, the pad only extends approximately 1/2 to 2/3 down the backstrap. The exposed inside edges of the grip where they meet the backstrap are sharp and dig into the palm of my hand. I guess I could take a file to them.

    I practice with mostly regular .38 special then put two to three cylinders of .357 through it at the end. Wicked, yes, but I got used to it. The following pictures are from the very first two cylinders of .357 that I put through it.


    What caused the ouch...

    Yes, I immediately learned to concentrate on keeping my thumb down and away from the cylinder latch/cheese grater. Not a problem anymore.

    If/when S&W decides to produce a 340 M&P without the lock, I will get one of those, too.

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