I read up on guns alot. Customer reviews are most helpful. The problem is that guns with problems (early Charter Arms......Kahr PM9 preening......Beretta Tomcat 3032 frame cracks ect....Bersa FTF ..... ad nauseum) cause one to question:

WHEN was this happening ? Dates of models affected ? When was it Factory resolved ? Serial numbers of defective guns ? Is this still a problem with that gun...decades later ?

To read posts by many (here and elsewhere) it would appear that the problem was NEVER resolved. Decades later a poster will bad mouth a particular weapon without any mention of WHEN his/her gun sucked so bad, what the manufacturer did about the problem or why he/she just blew the gun off to the next sucker buyer.

Please if you have a beef: 1. tell us about it, 2. what did you and the manufacturer do to resolve the problem, 3. WHEN did this happen !!, 4. the Serial Number !!

Otherwise, YOU got to blow off steam and WE LEARNED NOTHING. Thank you for reading. Yeah, this is frustrating to me.