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Firepower Vs. Size......Whats the Best

This is a discussion on Firepower Vs. Size......Whats the Best within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Congrats lets see some pics...

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Thread: Firepower Vs. Size......Whats the Best

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    Congrats lets see some pics

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    congrats , a good choice i think , but do pay attention to a 200 + round break in period , personaly i did it over several sessions and had no problems at all

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    Congratulations! Have fun, and good shooting!

    Be certain to update us on your experiences. The Kahr is a pistol I have been looking at for a while (after I get the rifles I "need").
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    Question Movie Q

    Quote Originally Posted by AKsrule
    IMHO , the "sleeper" of the Carry gun world is the old Makarov.

    Ever see the 007 flick titled GoldenEye? During the opening credits (song & sexy females) there is a handgun that fills the entire movie screen rising up with IIRC a babe perched on the muzzle. I THINK that gun is a MAKAROV although it's supposed to be the venerable Walther PPK I say this because the shape of the trigger guard is slightly bulbous shaped like the Mak. It would be just like some producer or editor or prop guy to try and put one over on the audience.
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    firepower vs. size is a compromise. you really cant have it both ways, although there are reasonable choices you can make to give you the best of both (somewhat). personally i consider 9mm +P to be the minimum size im comfortable entrusting with my life.

    we've all heard "a .25 in your pocket beats a .45 at home"....but im not willing to embrace this theory because its flawed. if i can have a .25 on my person, why couldnt i have a 9mm on my person? once you learn to dress for it, you can carry just about anything you want in most any situation without obvious printing.

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    Firepower Vs. Size......Whats the Best

    Dear Hivoltage

    Good question, but not necessarily the right one. The issue is, initially, not a question of power vs. size but rather that of accuracy. What ever you shoot you must be able to do that accurately. If you can't shoot accurately then it really does not matter what you carry. Choose that gun/caliber which yhou can manage the absolute best.
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    Range Report

    Well Guys, after 2 weeks I finally got around to shooting my New Kahr PM9. Fired 2oo rounds of Blazer Brass through it without 1 single problem. Then I fired a box of Speer Personal Defense rounds to make sure it liked them too and not a single problem. Thats good enough for me to trust my life with. For such a small gun I liked the way it shoots and I was surprisingly accurate with it at 75 feet ( to keep out of the mud ).

    I would not hesitate to recommend this gun to anybody who wants a small, light DAO 9mm carry gun, I am very happy with it. Now I got to go clean her up
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    Quote Originally Posted by CleaningAccident
    A few rounds from a .380 can leave enough smoke and people hitting the pavement for me to run across the Mega-Lo parking lot and get my truck door open.
    Then its gonna be a real bad day for anyone that is making me "fear for my life" and probably anyone else in his near vicinity.
    Not meaning to single you out, but I have been thinking about this issue. One usually has a combat doctrine of cover and concealment while engaging an adversary. This is assumed to be the standard and proper doctrine.

    When one decides to carry a "lesser" round they then change their doctrine to be one of, miraculous supressing fire, cross fingers and make a heck bent for leather dash for something more substantial.

    This does not make sense to me. Doctrine changes are made based on what is carried (which I think is based on the environment).

    Anyone think bout how we change our assumptions for an encounter based on what we carry at the moment?

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    One of those tiny Glocks in .45GAP would be nice.

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