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This is a discussion on Help Choose CCW? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Easy for me, based on your criteria. I have three Glocks - two 26's and a 17....

View Poll Results: Best Reasonably Priced 9mm Conceal Carry

241. You may not vote on this poll
  • CZ 2075 RAMI

    17 7.05%
  • Taurus Millenium Pro

    16 6.64%
  • SpringField XD

    60 24.90%
  • Glock 26

    82 34.02%
  • SIG Sauer P239

    43 17.84%
  • Berreta PX4 Storm

    8 3.32%
  • Kahr PM9

    42 17.43%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Help Choose CCW?

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    Easy for me, based on your criteria. I have three Glocks - two 26's and a 17.
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    If I could have voted for two, I'd have voted XD and Glock. I'd pick the one that fits your hand best... in my case the XD but both are fine guns (voted XD).
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    I voted for the XD9 because my main CCW is my XD9SC. However I'd have no qualms about the Sig and, though it isn't listed, M&P Compact.

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    i think the Kahr CW9 should be in the poll rather than the PM9, IMHO. It's much more reasonably priced, and is more comparable in size (although larger than the PM9), to the other firearms.

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    my bucks would head for the xd, i'd go subcompact. I really like the xd over the glocks(not trying for a war, but i have shot glocks in the past,they just don't shoot well with me.) the 239 would be great, but higher priced then an xd. and i have no opinion of the others listed due to me not having been around them. but most places around my neck of the woods, you can get an xd for right around 500.

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    From the choices on your list, I would go with the P239. I like the thinner pistols for IWB and the Sig fits that requirement. Personally I would go with the SAS in .40 though. YMMV

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    Heading to the local gun shop. Will let you know what I find, and local prices.

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    Glock all the way

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    For the title of the poll. Best reasonably priced 9mm concealed carry.

    Taurus Mil Pro PT111. I believe that folks were saying Acadamy had them on sale for $ 229 bucks. You could buy the gun holster and lots of ammo for what most of the others on the list are going to run for the gun.

    I have had no problems what so ever with mine.

    I have no problems with any of the guns on the list personally. They all should serve your purpose well. But the PT111 fits the bill for what you asked.
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    If you get the chance try them all. My vote is for the SIG!

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    Seems like favorites Kahr PM9, Sig P239 or Glock 26

    I am a new member of the board and am researching as well. I just applied for my CHL and have been trying to find a gun that I can easily carry. I have a 33" waist so I am thinking the smaller the gun the easier for my thin frame. Seem to me the favorites on this board are Kahr PM9, Sig P239 or Glock 26 with a LOT of Glock fans. Sig is a little pricy. Thanks for all the good comments and suggestions.

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    For ease of concealed carry (lightweight and disappears in a pocket) I'd say the Kahr. My XD.40 subcompact is way bulkier and heavier as I think your other proposed choices are, though I am not familiar with all of them.

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    I voted for the XD, but you should also check out the Ruger SR9, it fits all of your categories.

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    Got a price for Glock 26 ($449), Trijicon night sights ($99), and extended grip ($8) with everything installed. THis is a new in the box gun. Plan on getting it this Friday or Saturday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by concealed View Post
    Got a price for Glock 26 ($449), Trijicon night sights ($99), and extended grip ($8) with everything installed. THis is a new in the box gun. Plan on getting it this Friday or Saturday.
    $449 for a new G26? Jeez. Cheapest price anywhere near me is $100 more

    What store was this? It might be worth a drive if I ever want another one!
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