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Thread: Quick .38 Question

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    welcome aboard

    welcome aboard dahn 16 from s.e. michigan.
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    I have the S&W 637 (with hammer). Don't be so quick to think that it's any more difficult to draw because of the hammer. A little muscle memory when drawing...just keep your thumb on the hammer...no problem.

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    It's just the one time you don't remember to, and or, you are fighting for your life and the hammer gets snagged on your trousers? No thanks. I don't like the thought of carrying a revolver with a fully exposed hammer for self defense. I either go with a totally enclosed, or mini bobbed hammer.

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    S&W 642 with enclosed hammer is IMO the perfect carry gun. Carries effortlessly in a good pocket holster. The trigger pull is heavy so no way is it going to go off without a very deliberate pull on the trigger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron View Post
    S&W 642 with enclosed hammer is IMO the perfect carry gun. Carries effortlessly in a good pocket holster. The trigger pull is heavy so no way is it going to go off without a very deliberate pull on the trigger.
    This is what I own and plan on using as a BUG when I become a commissioned peace office (In February ) Another advantage to the internal hammer is that in the rare, rare instance you maaaay feel the need to fire without drawing the gun (maybe from the belly pocket of a hoodie) You can be confident in getting off all your shots where an exposed hammer may catch fabric when it's being fired. A very unlikely to be necessary advantage of the enclosed hammer. But if the need does arise it could be a life changer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hydrashok Glock View Post
    Very heavy trigger. It would be very difficult to fire the gun in the pocket without squeesing the trigger
    Also a holster that covers the trigger guard is helpful in preventing a AD as well as keeping the gun oriented upright for a smooth presentation.
    Finally a holster will help breakup the outline of the gun , keep pocket lint out as well as other debris.
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    I carry a Smith and Wesson 340 model with no visible hammer. I can, and often do, pull through the very heavy double action stage of the trigger pull and pause at the single action break over point.

    I can target shoot this way for accuracy or pull straight through for the more typical combat type shooting.

    I have no really solid idea of how heavy the first stage of the trigger is. But I don't believe that any of my grandchildren could pull the trigger even if I were foolish enough to let them try. Perhaps it's around 17 or 18 pounds or so.

    I do know that the final portion is around five and a half pounds. I could have it lightened and still be very safe because of the heavy double action portion. But I like it about where it is because I'm not as likely to squeeze through that stage when I really meant to stop there first for a more accurate shot.

    I've clicked it and shot it thousands of times and had a very light slicking of the trigger done by a gunsmith when he had it open for a thousand round check up, early on. It's heavy but smooth - as it should be.

    I find no need for a thumbable hammer on a carry snubbie. But then, that's just my personal preference. Some find them useful.

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