Bersa Thunder

Bersa Thunder

This is a discussion on Bersa Thunder within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What do you all think about the Bersa Thunder .380? Anyone have one, good or bad experiences? thanks...

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Thread: Bersa Thunder

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    Bersa Thunder

    What do you all think about the Bersa Thunder .380? Anyone have one, good or bad experiences?


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    I've shot my dad's a lot. Neither me or him have ever had any problems with it.

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    Sorry for the hijack, but do all Bersa Thunders have the S&W type lock?

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    I had one, bought it for $150 used, it was the wife's first pistol, we ended up selling it to a friend that was looking for a cheap, dead nuts reliable pistol.

    Never had any issues with it, and I think it's the one gun I sold that I actually broke even on. I'd have no issue with buying another Bersa if I wanted a .380 in that size class. That being said, there are larger caliber guns of the same size, but they do cost a bit more.

    Perhaps a look at the Thunder 9 is in order as well.

    I guess there is one thing that I didn't like about it, it seemed to sting my hands, the recoil was a little sharp for a .380. I never had that feeling with my other .380s, just the Bersa and that was with the rubberized grips.

    The wife loved it, but when she decided to up her caliber it just say in the safe, as when she did need to carry something smaller, she carried a smaller .380.

    Regarding the size of the Bersa, it's really not all that small.

    Here's the Bersa over a 3" 1911

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    I just bought a Firestorm .380 last week haven't shot it yet but feels nice in my hands. Thunder/Firestorm same gun little difference on cosmetic. When I purchased the Firestorm there were 3 people in the shop also buying one. Im taking my CCW class in a few weeks and have read some good things about Bersa.
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    Very nice little gun. I have never had a problem with it. Before you fire it break it down and clean all the oil/grease out of it. Thats not lube in there, it's a anti-rust oil from the factory and will gum up the gun causing problems.

    Surprisingly, the little gun is a nail driver, very accurate. For more info on the gun check out the Bersa forum, good people and a lot of info on the site.

    :: Bersa Talk :: - Forums
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    I have one. Very accurate and easy to shoot. Only 2 FTEs in 350 rounds. Also very easy to carry.

    Make sure when you reassemble the gun to put the smaller side of the spring in first. Definitely go to the Bersa forum to get more tips.
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    Bersa's are great guns, mine is on permanent loan to my Father.

    It's not small but it is a great gun and very reliable. I would buy another one and might get a Thunder 9 UC

    Bersa's are undervalued IMO. The only problem I have with them is the scarcity of spare mags.
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    I've owned 2 Thunder 380 over the years. Both have operated flawlessly for me. While not a well finished as your higher priced guns, they do what they were designed to do. In the long run that is the most important thing. I'd rather have a $200. gun that functions every time, than a $1000. gun I have to wonder about.
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    Just got a Bersa 380 CC and it works great.
    If you get one try winchester supreme HPs in it
    they are very accurate in mine.
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    Hello. In my opinion, Bersa's line of .380 autos offer good value and the ones that I have shot have been reliable with the sights regulated such that POA = POI.

    Currently manufactured ones have the lock; older ones do not but these are harder to find in new or like-new condition.

    Extra factory magazines are relatively expensive but do work considerably better than aftermarket ones on these pistols.

    If interested, here is a comparison done a few years ago:

    Comparing the SIG

    Though I am not particularly enamored with the .380 ACP cartridge, I really do like the Bersa. This one's given exactly zero problems over the years and has never malfunctioned. I replaced the recoil spring one time after about 2K shots. While it has not been carried very much, it's made more than a few range visits and has perhaps another 1500 shots downrange. I've not fired it more than 200 shots between cleanings but it has not balked nary a tall nor become "sluggish" whatsoever.

    This Bersa was bought several years ago and continues to serve well.

    Best and good luck.

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    My wife owns a BT380CC (Concealed Carry) and I own a BT9UC (Ultra Compact). Both have worked flawlessly. The 380's grip is nice to hold. The 9UC's grip is good, but I ordered a Pachmyr rubber grip for it. I have a Pachmyr grip on my G23.

    p.s. If you can find either of the above, buy it. Bersa's are very hard to find in stock right now.

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    I have one, a Bersa Thunder 380 DLX, with extended 9 round magazine. It's big...granted there are larger calibers available in the same size gun...but it fits my hand well, is super reliable, and is the gun I am the most accurate with, so I carry it almost everyday as a BUG or as a primary should it be a one-gun day.

    With proper ammo the .380 ACP can be a potent round. This ammo is pricey, but worth it if you intend to use a .380 for defensive carry:

    Product Line Listing

    On the other hand, Bersa/Firestorm also offers 9mm and .45 handguns if you're looking for something with a little more bite, albeit in a larger package than the Thunder 380.
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    Bersa Thunder is a great pistol. I have the Thunder Plus (15+1) and it has gone bang everytime I pulled the trigger and hit what I aimed it at.

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    Great little gun.

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