Glock 23 verus Glock 32 for most recoil?

Glock 23 verus Glock 32 for most recoil?

This is a discussion on Glock 23 verus Glock 32 for most recoil? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Shooters: I used to own a Glock 23 but sold it because I was having recoil issues shooting .40 caliber rounds! I am considering buying ...

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Thread: Glock 23 verus Glock 32 for most recoil?

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    Glock 23 verus Glock 32 for most recoil?


    I used to own a Glock 23 but sold it because I was having recoil issues shooting .40 caliber rounds! I am considering buying the Glock 32 and was wondering out of the two Glock's (23 & 32) which has more felt recoil?

    Our local range does't have a Glock 32 to rent so that's why I'm asking shooters opinions on which Glock has the most recoil!

    Many Thanks for your thoughts

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    I stumbled across a G32 after a long range session where I used a G19 and fell in love with the platform, but wasn't satisfied with 9mm performance. I bought the gun and went shooting with a friend who owned a G23. His .40 had much more snap in the recoil. The .357 was more controllable on second and third shots, both of us agreed. When you compare the ballistics, the G32 is by far the best choice. I'm shooting 147gr Gold Dots at almost 1500fps and 500 pounds force with my .357 Sig out of the short G32 barrel. Quite impressive!
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    Agree with Husker.

    I've owned both, and recently purchased another G23. I found the .357 quite a bit more pleasant to shoot.....less of that "catching a baseball in my bare hand" feel, with slightly faster follow-up shots.

    I was seeking a G19 at the time, but this G23 appeared out of nowhere, at a very attractive price, so I bought it. My EDC revolves (hehe) around one of my 4 S&W revolvers, the Glock reserved for hiking/running duties.

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    I have a G33 (sub-compact) and think its less also
    but remember, smaller lighter bullets have less recoil
    so if you get one, start out shooting 115 grain ,not
    147 bullets and that will help too.
    PS. the round was made to fire 125 grain ,they shoot
    the best for me.
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    Having recently fired 40 and 357 out of the same platform I can offer this bit of expirience.

    The 40 has more muzzle flip and the 357 is more of a "push" back in to your hand. If you routinely shoot +P+ in the 9mm caliber, you should have no trouble with the 357. I find the 357 to be a ballistly better caliber for my, and most everybody else's needs. but that's just my opinion.

    Personally I don't own either caliber. I decided to "stock up" on +P+ 9mm ammo instead. The +P+ loads are breaking in to the lower level of 357 Sig territory, and if I want more I'll shoot my 45 Auto.


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    I too own a Glock 23 and its no joke the amount of smack you get in your hand. i shot just recently when it was under 50 degrees outsidel day and my hand stung after about 20 rounds. The recoil really is significant although I'm no pro I don't have much to compare it to. I guess it could be tough at times.

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    I tamed my G23 with a Lone Wolf Dist. 2 port barrel.
    I find the recoil no greater then a +P 9mm round now.

    My G19 and G23 are all but twins.

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    I believe that the 32 has more recoil. If you sold your 23 because of recoil than you probably won't like the 32 either. I would get a 19 if I were you.
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    Obviously it is a matter of personal preference. I have been shooting all kinds of pistols for over 40 years, and IMO the 357 SIG is a little more manageable than the .40 in glock pistols. The .40 is snappy to me, while the 357 SIG is more like a get most of the recoil in the web of the hand. I believe this is because of the speed at which the 32 cycles. Just my opinion. It is unbelievably accurate also.
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