.40 S&W duty weapon/open carry

.40 S&W duty weapon/open carry

This is a discussion on .40 S&W duty weapon/open carry within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am seesawing between the Glock 22 and the Springfield XD-40(M) input, good, bad or ugly for either! I have always been a long gun ...

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Thread: .40 S&W duty weapon/open carry

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    .40 S&W duty weapon/open carry

    I am seesawing between the Glock 22 and the Springfield XD-40(M)
    input, good, bad or ugly for either!

    I have always been a long gun type, but now I am entering into the world of handguns.

    Semper Fi.

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    You will get lots of mixed opinions. Shoot each, see what you like better. What you shoot better, what fits your hand better.
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    Both good weapons, best advice take them for a test drive. It's an investment that's worth the effort. Semper Fi.
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    Really it will be a personal preference. Shoot both. I have a Glock 30 and a Springfield 40 sc. Niether works as a concealed carry weopon for me. too wide or thick in the handle. I carry a Kahr P9 every day and it works for me. everybody is diferent.

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    Both are great guns. About the only things that differ between them is that the XD-M has a grip safety and carries more rounds, and in my opinion, has a more ergonomic grip.

    I carry a Glock 23 every day. But I really like the XD line.
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    Go for a test run if you can, I did and thought the .40 was too snappy in a Glock

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    Try before you buy!!
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    Find a range or someone you know who has one, shoot them, see what works best. Both are quality firearms even though I don't use either (owned many Glocks and several XD's). Not my cup of tea, but..know they are nice pieces. Luck.
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    I am biased towards Glocks. I've never fired an XD. So I really cannot compare but I can tell you that the 22 will be a very reliable and accurate weapon. It will take a lot of abuse and keep on firing.

    Good luck with whichever you choose.
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    That was my same perdicament when I bought my first hand gun. I ended up with the XD40 because I figured the grip safety couldn't hurt and I also like the way the XD fits in my hand. But I do like the sights better on the G22. But like others said, they are both very reliable and will serve you well.
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    Looking at your title, and me being a police officer, firearms instructor for LE, SWAT guy and I spend a lot of time on said range with other LEO's and fire thousands of rounds honing skills of new officers or just those who want to advance their skill, I wouldnt even consider an XD for serious professional work.
    Now if your going to be a typical Joe who shoots once a month, go ahead if you like the XD... but for a duty? No way.
    Not wanting to start a XD vs.whatever war, I'll leave it at that.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    Springfield XDm
    -You can adjust the grip to fit your hand better
    -Short trigger pull
    -accurate and reliable
    -16+1 round capacity of 40sw
    -Average price is about $640
    -easy to maintain

    Glock 22
    -Accurate and reliable
    -15+1 round capacity
    -Average price is $500
    -easy to maintain
    -grip is a good size, but if you have smaller hands then it may not be comfortable.

    you can check out other people's review on both pistol at www.gundirectory.com
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    sixto, I am very interested in the why's of glock Vs XDM for law enforcement purposes. I have years of military background, but all of that was as an infantryman - not a lot of time with handguns. As I am transitioning into LE right now I am trying to learn as much as I can about handguns, what works for people and why.

    Thanks a bunch
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    I'm a Glock person and I carry a Glock 23. Not sure if this helps but if you take a look at police and sheriff departments around the country, you will find that many of them use the Glock as their service weapons. The reason for this is really pretty simple, it's accurate, tough and dependable. I have nothing against any type or model of handgun but when you notice how many police agencies use the Glock pistol, you know that they have done their homework and tested it. An agency near me tested the Glock 22 and when I say "test", I really should say "assault" because they took this poor G22 and threw it on the ground, ran it over with a patrol car and all sorts of other lovely "tests" and the only issue that G22 had after the brutal attack on it was a broken front sight. It still fired perfectly.

    I really don't think you can ever go wrong with a Glock.

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    I have the XDm-40, and the XDsc-40. In the Winter I carry the XDm because its bigger, and in the warmer weather I carry the Sub-Compact. But w/ the right holster (Don Hume IWB) I also carry the XDm in the warm weather. The XDm has a MATCH barrel for better accuracy, holds 16+1, can change grip sizes, better trigger reset, and can do so many mods. to it. I dont like the Glock due to the Grip (I have small hands so the XD feels better to my hand) and has Plastic Guide Rods...I was at the range and this guy next to my lane was shooting a Glock untill his guiderod was so worn It wouldnt stay seated inside of the gun. But I think you can buy metal rods for it. But besides that the Glock is just as good. from what I have seen.
    Springfield XDm-40

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