Sights for a Glock

Sights for a Glock

This is a discussion on Sights for a Glock within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey all! I have been looking at sights for my Glock 23. I have considered the Fiber Optic style sights from Tru Glo and such. ...

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Thread: Sights for a Glock

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    Sights for a Glock

    Hey all! I have been looking at sights for my Glock 23. I have considered the Fiber Optic style sights from Tru Glo and such. I have read some things on the Surefire Sights. These are the yellow triangle type sights similar to the Steyrs. Anyone use these? If so do you like them. I'm wanting a wider rear sight and a narrower but brighter front sight. Any opinions are appreciated. Thanks all!!!

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    Why would you want fiber optics on a SD pistol...I'd put Trijicons on a's what you might need in dim light or dark situations.
    I would be more inclined to put fiber optics on a daytime hunting pistol.

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    I would think that you would be more pleased with something along the lines of Meprolights. You need something very durable and can be used in complete darkness for a SD pistol. OMO

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    Ashely Big Dots. All you really need it the front one.

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    <Shameless plug>

    I have some Trijicons for sale:
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    I put the TruGlo Tritium FO's on my G26 and absolutely love them in all light - from full daylight (the FO really jump out) to dawn or dusk (again, the FO improve sight acquisition in low light), and the Tritium are the final piece of the puzzle for low-no light.

    They are a great aid to my older eyes:

    TRUGLO - The World's Most Advanced Line of Fiber Optic Sights
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    I have TFOs on all my and my wife's Glocks. They are my favorite of all the night sights out there. I am not a fan of the Styer or triangle sights. I guess if you train with only those they're ok, but I've been shooting with standard sights so long I can't hit a thing with them fast, and barely anything slow. Old dog new tricks, I guess. I have installed lots of TFOs and only one set was bad, a dead rear sight tube on a set of large frame Glock sights. Replaced by Tru Glo with a phone call.

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    My Glocks (17, 19 & 26) all wear either Trijicon or Meprolight night sights (two of one, one of the other). All were installed from 1996 to 1998, all still glow well enough to be usable. If I had it to do over again, I would do the same...
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    What's the date marked on yours? I MIGHT be interested if they were manufactured recently enough.

    I believe they'll PROBABLY fit all three of the 45GAP models (G37, 38 and 39) as well.

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    I have TFO sights on three carry guns and absolutely love them. They are excellent for day or noght shooting. Most night sights are just that night sights with the exception of Big Dots.

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    I have Meprolights on my G19, and they're really bright in total darkness. They'll probably glow until at least 2020.
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    If you're absolutely set on getting notch-and-post sights, look at the Warren Tactical sights (IIRC, these have a narrow front blade) or the heine straight 8's . Trijicon and Meprolight are fine also.

    Personally, I use and recommend the XS Big-Dots...
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    Quote Originally Posted by allenruger View Post
    I would think that you would be more pleased with something along the lines of Meprolights. You need something very durable and can be used in complete darkness for a SD pistol. OMO
    +1 I just did the Meprolights on my G19 this evening after almost nine months with the factory sights. Don't be too hasty in my opinion. Do your research carefully. At the price of a set of sights, you could also be getting a very decent holster. I had no intentions of confusing the issues here.

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    Mine came with Trijicon's and was looking for one with regular sights and was going to put Meprolights on it, but they only had it with the Trigicon sights and I see no need to change them now, they work great. If I was going to change I would look at getting different colors in the front and rear.

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    I have TruGlo TFOs on two of my carry pieces and am very pleased with them, day or night.
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