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Concealed Carry Gun - 9mm or .40? (Fact Specific)

This is a discussion on Concealed Carry Gun - 9mm or .40? (Fact Specific) within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by artz I think you have the three most compelling reasons to stick with the 9mm. Plus- Its obvious that you are comfortable ...

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Thread: Concealed Carry Gun - 9mm or .40? (Fact Specific)

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    Quote Originally Posted by artz View Post
    I think you have the three most compelling reasons to stick with the 9mm.
    Its obvious that you are comfortable with the caliber. That your aim is true with the caliber.
    Unless you just got to own a handgun in .40 S&W, theres no other reason to have one.
    Why not have a carbine of some sort in your caliber of choice (9mm) ?
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    I went with 9mm

    I bought a P239 about 8 months ago and also considered which caliber to choose. I went with the 9mm as I already have a P229 in .40 and wanted something different. I think that both calibers can be quite effective for self defense, so I am satisfied carrying a 9mm. Besides the one extra round the 9mm gives you in a P239, I believe it is quicker to put multiple shots on a target because the recoil and recovery time is less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mp45fan View Post
    Pick out the one you can shoot the best!
    I would agree with that short, simple answer. Ballistics tests will tell you that the .40 and .45 are more effective, one-on-one bullet-for-bullet, but the FBI and other expert sources will also tell you that the one shot stopper (with any of these rounds) is myth. So your ability to put multiple shots on target quickly seems to be the best formula. So like the man said - pick the one you can shoot the best.

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    Given the inability to effectively test various calibers prior to needing a gun, (State law calls that type test Murder) I went with .40S&W. Theory tells me it is as effective as a .45, more effective than a 9MM and holds more rounds than my .357 Revolver.
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    Handguns rounds are "marginal" at best for stopping a threat.

    With that said, I have no problem depending on a 9mm as long as good ammo is used. If I can't select my off duty ammo, or I can't get what I consider a decent, reliable ammo then I would take a larger caliber.

    With that said, I don't like the 40. I think it was designed and promoted for faulty reasons. The F.B.I. went to the 40 because their agents couldn't handle the 10mm. Not all of them, but enough of them to make them download the 10mm thus creating the 40. They don't call it "Short & Weak" for nothing. If you want more than a 9mm I'd select a 45 ACP for ammo availability. The 357 Sig is a great cartridge too, but very pricey and hard to find in some locales.

    Having a selection of various calibers is nice, but gets to be a pain in the rear if they are all for defensive usage. I myself rely on three main calibers, .357 Magnum, 9mm and 45 ACP. The 38 SPL BUG goes without saying.

    That's my $0.02 on the subject.


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    With the new S&W M&P40's there's no recoil issue compared with the 9 from other manufacturers. It's just a matter of how much lead you want to put in the BG.

    That's one of the things that sold me on using it as my CC. I can fire it and be back on target just as fast as I could with my 9mm and it's a heavier slug.

    Like some members say, if you get a CC weapon then any old gun will do as long as it starts with a .4

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    Stay with the 9mm, you have compelling facts for your decision.

    I will mention something I think is interesting. I have a Sig 239 SAS DAK that is 9 mm. I also have a Sig 229 SAS DAK that is .40 cal. Of course the 229 is beefier/heavier/extra weight from mag capacity too. IMHO, I can hardly notice any difference in the recoil between the me, barely noticeable, and certainly not enough to be a concern.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ppkheat View Post
    I will mention something I think is interesting. I have a Sig 239 SAS DAK that is 9 mm. I also have a Sig 229 SAS DAK that is .40 cal. Of course the 229 is beefier/heavier/extra weight from mag capacity too. IMHO, I can hardly notice any difference in the recoil between the me, barely noticeable, and certainly not enough to be a concern.
    I can kind of see the 229/40 (bigger gun/bigger round) having similar recoil to a 239/9 (smaller gun/smaller round). I'd be curious about the recoil difference between the 229/40 and the 239/40. It seems by based on pure physics (with the same general frame layout (metal/metal) and the same bore axis location), the 239/40 would probably snap more than the 229/40. The real question would be whether that extra snap is objectionable.

    Anyway, thanks for the first hand comparison.
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    There are only three reasons to get the
    40 cal.
    (1) you can get just as a wide of
    an ammo selection as the 9mm.
    (2) you can get a little better energy numbers
    with it.
    (3) if the day comes then ammo is in short
    supply it would give you the option of buying
    that round if you came not find 9MM ammo

    That aside I would not change to the 40 unless
    you would just like a different type of gun to shoot
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    Quote Originally Posted by SigSire View Post
    I'm not sure if this is a taboo question to ask (although I get a feeling it is a sensitive subject), but how much "stock" is enough nowadays....or in days to come ? For instance, is 1000rds of range ammo and 500rds of the good stuff enough to have "in stock"?
    If you have already moved your refridgerator onto the front porch because you needed the room for ammo, you probably have enough!

    Other than that, I don't see the prices dropping significantly in the near future and good ammo has quite a shelf life, so I would let your budget decide. How much can you afford without it negatively impacting your lifestyle?
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    ASSA9, that is a BAD lookin' cat in your avatar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob72 View Post
    Stay in 9mm, and stock your ammo deep. .40 offers no real improvement and has a sharper recoil impulse, which generally translates to slower follow-up (unless you're shooting GM level with .40 already...)
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    i had the 239 in 40cal a few years back really great gun but the recoil was much more then that of my 1911s in 45 maybe it was just me but i never got use to it however i have a stoeger 40cal that has no more recoil then my 9mm ruger i know this isnt much help but you cant go wrong with the sig

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    One more reason to stay with the 9mm is the possibility of an ammunition shortage in the USA in the near future. With the new President and congress, I look for heavy taxation and/or restrictions on the manufacture of ammunition, and with the recent economic downturn, some companies may be forced to close their doors for good.

    The 9mm round is produced worldwide, and there seems to be ample supplies here in America. The .40 S&W round is a favorite of law enforcement and may become more difficult to find in the future with the ammo companies producing only enough to satisfy the various police agencies because it is more profitable to sell to them rather than selling ammo to civilians.

    Let's hope that never happens, but it may be wise for one to have at least one 9mm pistol in his or her arsenal just in case.
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    I like both...I prefer a bigger bullet, and the .40 gives the best of both 9mm/.40...more energy (than 9mm) and a flatter trajectory (than the .45).

    Your reasons are just as acceptable as anyone else's.

    What ever you shoot best--that's the gun/round for you.
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