Looking for input: New Carry Gun

Looking for input: New Carry Gun

This is a discussion on Looking for input: New Carry Gun within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am looking at buying a new carry gun, have been for a while now but I need some input. I have narrowed it down ...

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  • Kimber CDP Compact

    12 25.53%
  • Kimber CDP Ultra

    11 23.40%
  • Sig 1911 Compact

    2 4.26%
  • Sig P220 Compact

    22 46.81%
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Thread: Looking for input: New Carry Gun

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    Looking for input: New Carry Gun

    I am looking at buying a new carry gun, have been for a while now but I need some input.

    I have narrowed it down to these four I think.

    Kimber CDP Compact, Kimber CDP Ultra, Sig 1911 Compact, Sig P220 Compact
    Glock 19
    Springfield XD45
    Para Ord SF-45-A

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    I have a SIG 1911 RCS that I carry. While I understand there were some problems with the original SIG 1911's, I believe they have those all worked out. Mine hasn't given me any problems.
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    Being honest here. Haven't shot nor don't know a thing about any of those. I hear alot of good stuff on the Sig 220 though, and thats from this forum.
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    I'd go with the 220 compact. I love my CDP too, but the only thing that has been CCing it is my safe.
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    I have a Pro CDPII and an Ultra Carry II LG that I carry much of the time. I'm wearing my ultra carry right now as a matter of fact. I don't see a downside to the ultra sized Kimber line and getting that size in the CDP package is great! I experience no loss of accuracy beetween the ultra and the pro until you get out to 25 yards and even then, it's a small difference. Recoil management is something Kimber got right as this little 3" .45 kicks no harder than my commander sized .45's and is very easy to shoot. Night sights are a must for any carry weapon of mine and the CDP has them too. Ambi safeties - check. I think you can guess which one I voted for.
    The bottom line is that you have to pick the weapon that YOU can shoot effectively every time, not necc the prettiest or the cheapest or the most expensive because all of that doesn't matter at all if you can't hit the broad side of a barn with it! Shoot them all, and if possible borrow one to wear for a week and see how it feels - a weapon left at home doesn't do anyone any good in a scrape.
    Good luck in your search!
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    What no Glocks??

    I can't help you if you discriminate against Glocks!

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    Sig. If those are the only choices you have.

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    Tough choice

    I voted for the Kimber CDP Compact. I have the almost identical CDP Pro, and it has run perfectly for me. The Compact would be easier to conceal with its officer-length grip. With thin grip panels this gun is quite flat and easy to conceal.

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    I voted for the Sig 220 compact. I've just read so many good things about them that I'd buy one today if I could. Good luck.
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    I voted Kimber Compact CDP if it's only one gun.
    I carry the Kimber Ultra CDP...I love the gun. I also have the Kimber Compact CDP.
    The Compact has the longer barrel of the Pro and the shorter grip of the Ultra.
    Having both, I still prefer carrying my Ultra...small, accurate, easy to conceal.

    Stay armed...with a CDP...stay safe!
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    I voted the Ultra because I carry a Tactical Ultra II and love it. It's my "dressup" gun. When I'm going somewhere where I know I'll get sweaty, dirty, etc I go for my Glock 36 or Glock 32 (357 SIG). I've never had a single malfunction with any of these three. Like a previous poster indicated, Kimber got it right on these guns and my Tactical Ultra II is easy to fire accurately, easy to conceal, and the price ain't bad either.
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