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Taurus - Good or Bad.

This is a discussion on Taurus - Good or Bad. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Taurus and Smith & Wesson were once owned by the same company, and exchanged info back and forth freely. Then Taurus became independent of S&W ...

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  • I have owned 1 or more Taurus handguns and have not had trouble.

    300 61.73%
  • I have owned 1 or more Taurus handguns and have had trouble.

    63 12.96%
  • I have not owned, but shot Taurus handguns and have not had trouble.

    30 6.17%
  • I have not owned, but shot Taurus handguns and have had trouble.

    9 1.85%
  • I have no experience with Taurus handguns but like them from other sources.

    46 9.47%
  • I have no experience with Taurus handguns but dislike them from other sourses.

    38 7.82%
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Thread: Taurus - Good or Bad.

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    Taurus and Smith & Wesson were once owned by the same company, and exchanged info back and forth freely. Then Taurus became independent of S&W again. Shortly after that they bought the Beretta manufacturing plant in Brazil, including design plans, tools and dies and also had the current employees. It is no wonder that so many of the Taurus pistols have some looks and feels of S&W and Beretta. Their last innovations, including the 24/7 and the 800 series are truly out there with the best for pistol designs and reliability.
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    PT1911 here. Commonly my EDC turst my life on it.

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    Pt140 In my Crossbreed supertuck, lets just say to sum it all up i am happy with my purchases.
    I work every weekend on shooting in the summer with a viriety of guns and so far i seem to get better with the handgun each time i go out so it must shoot better than me
    600 rounds through the gun so far no hickups and Really i am starting to think that this secondstrike capability is a myth because i have never had to pull the trigger more than once to make it go bang.

    If i ever had a thought of a fault in the gun. I really wish it had a decocker. The new run they are coming out with this year does so mighthaps i will have to trade up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KenpoTex View Post
    I wouldn't own one of their auto's if you gave it to me. just my $0.02
    And your experience with their autos is?
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    I had a Taurus 92 Stainless purchased just before the high-cap ban of 94. Finish was kind of rough, and the trigger was only slightly worse than that of it's Beretta lineage. Trigger bar got somehow stuck and it would not release the hammer after about 500 rds.

    I have to say the Taurus folks honor the warranty, and repaired the problem. It's the only handgun I've ever rid myself of, replaced with a Springfield XD.
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    --pack a Taurus 445, unported--no trouble whatsoever. Does have a bit of a bite with +P's--

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    Quote Originally Posted by wmhawth View Post
    And your experience with their autos is?
    shot a few and thought they felt like cheap pieces of crap...heard many negative comments from people who's opinions I respect.
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    I've owned Taurus revolvers and pistols for 20 years. The one and only problem I ever had was when a 44spl revolver I had lost it's timing. Taurus took care of it, no problem. I wasn't even the original owner.
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    I owned a PT140 (non pro) Millennium. First the safety would not always fully disengage , failing to allow the gun to fire. After the gun Kb'ed severely ( blown mag base, mag release button, frame cracked almost in half ) I sent it back to Taurus. Once a new frame was installed I promptly traded the gun.
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    I have no problems with my 85UL snubbie.....it is EDC now.
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    Thumbs up

    Well I have, and have been shooting the following Taurus® revolvers since 1994........

    • Mdl 85 38 Special - 3ea, 1994, 2001, 2007. Only problem was a broken firing pin the 1994 model but that was after 10,000+ rounds! Other two - ZERO PROBLEMS.

    • Mdl 605 357 Magnum - 2006, ZERO PROBLEMS.

    • Mdl 617 357 Magnum - 2003, ZERO PROBLEMS.

    • Mdl 669 357 Magnum - 1996, ZERO PROBLEMS.

    I'm adding to my collection next month by purchasing a Mdl 44 in 44Magnum. Taurus® guns are not cheap, they are inexpensive. I feel they are THE BEST VALUE in a revolver today.

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    My feedback. I have stated this on this forum earlier. I had pitting in the barrel of my 24/7 Pro 45 ACP and sent it back. They lost my barrel and said that I had not sent it in. Basically calling me a liar. I was able to produce the signature copy of the package and "Walla" they found my barrel. The woman at customer service informed me that it was my decision to never own another Taurus. I told her I would never again own a Taurus in the future and she acted like she could have cared less.
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    I've heard hundreds of horror stories. But mine has never had a problem, nor have I ever personally known anyone who has had a problem. YMMV.
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    Taurus isn't my favorite, but I've never had any issues with the few I've owned.

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    Can't post in the poll yet. I still want a PT1911. I've heard good and bad, but mostly good. Not enough input to sway me away from buying a Taurus firearm by any means.

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